AUGUSTA – Call it the “orizon” scam.

The consumer division of Maine’s Attorney General’s Office is cautioning people to be wary of callers reminding business owners – and in some cases, churches – that it’s time to renew their “yellow pages” listing.

The Attorney General’s Office has received what it described as “numerous complaints” about a company that people thought was Verizon saying it was time to re-up the advertising listing.

According to AG spokesman Charles Dow, the caller pronounced the name in such a way that it sounded like Verizon. Once customers received their bill – for $400 a pop – they learned they were being dunned by an outfit calling itself “Horizon E-Yellow Pages.”

Dow said the duped customers quickly realized that they had never heard of “Horizon” and since they hadn’t listed with it previously, they couldn’t possibly be renewing a listing.

“If you have been fooled into contracting with Horizon E-Yellow Pages, contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Division at 1-800-436-2131 or send an e-mail to [email protected],” Dow said.

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