RUMFORD – The Feb. 8 Democratic Party caucuses held throughout Oxford County were attended by more than 800 Democrats and elected delegates and alternates to the Maine Democratic Convention set for May 21, 22 and 23 in Portland.

Oxford County Democrats favored Senator John Kerry with 66 delegates, Howard Dean with 33, Sen. John Edwards with four, Gen. Wesley Clark with six and Rep. Dennis Kucinich with 10.

Delegates are: Rumford, Walter and Gloria Buotte, Joe and Pat Sirois, John Patrick, Gloria Barrett, Patricia Mercier, Lucy Day, Mary MacDonald, Jean Goodwin, Mary Anne Prue, Danielle Desjardins, Emily Patrick, Hilary Glaus, Joyce Giasson, Mary McPherson, Tim Turner, Chris and Debbie Carver, Patrick Waite, Seth Gallant and Erica Rickards.

West Paris, David Fisher, Wendy Allen and Greg Shattenberg.

Dixfield, Bruce Bryant, Malcolm Gill, Yvonne Hemingway, Pam Pace, Amber Laliberty, Dawn Bolduc, Jon Albrecht, Ron Hemingway.

Otisfield, Nancy Steede, David Hankins, Henry Hamilton, Zena Vlaun.

Waterford, Roger Green, Carol Rice, Derek Gibson and Mary Yearl.

Bethel, Mike Broderick, Pat Carter, Lyn Hutchins, Brad Clark, Any Rodrigue, Jay Hardy, Peter Southam.

Hartford, Arthur Harvey, Anita Pottle.

Fryeburg, Ann Hobbins, Myral Bethell, Angelo Milia, David Snyder.

Woodstock, Nancy Willard, Katina Colombotos, Peter Fetchkco.

Milton, Scott Billings.

Stoneham, Peter Rodrigues.

Byron, Melissa Plourde.

Hebron, Dan Eichorn and Anya Trundy.

Canton, Richard McCollister, Margaret King and Alison Dube.

Andover, Trudy Akers, Brad Thibodeau.

Denmark, Brian Grennan, Catherine ODonoghue.

Brownfield, Constance Krupski, Joyce Hartwick, Barbara Smith.

Greenwood, Cathy Newell and Paul Bartlett.

Hiram, Janice Campbell.

Lovell, Robert Williams, Toni Seger.

Newry, Beth Bean.

Sumner, Don and Lee Berry.

Sweden, Janet Mahannah.

Gilead, Beth Lavallee.

Norway, Sarah Mayberry, Brian and Marina Sessions, Tom Teichmann, Dennise Whitley, David Dexter, Ted Kehn, Miriam Laster, Hilary Ware, Anne Kinney.

Paris, Connie Allen, Bob Kirchherr, Barbara Payne, John Read, Ben Conant, Carol Gould, Douglas Miller, Elizabeth Dewing, John Ellis, Katey Branch, Alan Day.

Hanover, Shirley Powell.

Oxford, Parricia Snyder, Rachel Franders, Shawn Kane, Heather Flanders, Joe Flanders, and David Ivey.

Buckfield, Stacy and Mike Raymond, Nina Fillibert, Rick Adam.

Albany, Jeff Rosenblatt.

Peru, Arthur and Virginia Campbell, Bill Hine, Larissa Hine and Cory Merrill.

Mexico, Roxbury and Porter delegates have yet to be reported.

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