In one of the windows of Linney Bros.’ fish market on lower Lisbon street, was exhibited a monster mud turtle, and so far as known, the biggest fresh water turtle ever brought into this city. The turtle was captured at Lapham Brook in West Auburn, Saturday night by Michael Ready and Cleve Stone, who were smelt fishing.

The turtle is an old stager. It would appear that it was captured when a youngster and an inscription cut in its shell, but now only a part of the inscription is discernible.

However, the word and initials “June 18, G.H.S.” can be faintly seen. The turtle measures from its head to the tip of its tail two feet and 11 inches. It weighs 63 pounds and four ounces, and gracefully walks with a two hundred pound man standing on its back.

50 Years Ago, 1954

There are nearly 2,500 bicycles in operation in the city of Lewiston.

Police Chief Roland C. Amnott said today that his department has issued registration plates for 2,475 bicycles for adults and children since last Sept. In addition to a numbered plate, each owner receives a license to operate his or her bicycle, under the terms of city ordinance. The license must be renewed annually, but the registration plates are good indefinitely.

The police can hold unregistered bicycles for a period not to exceed 30 days.

25 Years ago, 1979

Sporting goods stores in Lewiston-Auburn have prospered from the jogging trend which has swept over the nation in the past year or so. Jogging and running gear are being sold more now than ever before.

Of the increased sales, Don Cooper of Play-Time Sports on Lisbon Street, said, “tremendous, fabulous.” He added that running has indeed become a fad recently.

“It’s a fad. There’s no question in my mind that it’s a fad. I don’t know how long it will last, though.” he stated.

Jogging shorts, sneakers, socks, suits and pedometers are among the equipment stocked in local sporting goods stores for various prices.

For instance, jogging shoes run anywhere from $18 to $30 at Gee & Bee Sporting Goods on Court Street in Auburn, according to John MacLeod. He explained that the shoes are very important, and getting the right shoe to meet your needs is essential if you don’t want to wreck your ankles or leg muscles.

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