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High schoolers: Don’t dump’

Auburn – Gifted and talented math and science students from area high schools will stencil storm drains along Turner and Summer streets on the morning of Wednesday, April 28.

Students will stencil the words “Don’t Dump, Protect Your Water” in an effort to educate the public and raise awareness about pollution in rivers, streams and lakes.

Many local storm drains bring stormwater runoff filled with oil, sediment and chemicals directly into the Androscoggin River, especially during the spring season.

High school students from Turner, Auburn, Lisbon, Lewiston and Sabattus have participated in monthly seminars at the Auburn Land Lab as part of the Androscoggin Valley Education Collaborative. They are working with the City of Auburn to help with the outreach and education piece of the Stormwater Management Plan.

The students have sent surveys to residents of the Lake Auburn Watershed to gauge public awareness. They will present the findings to local officials and the community in April. Students have also planned activities for the Stormwater Fair on April 30 at the Auburn Land Lab for elementary students and the community on the topic of stormwater and keeping water clean.

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