A gas explosion in Samuel Mottram’s new house at the corner of Bartlett and Walnut streets, Lewiston, yesterday forenoon, shook up the neighbors in that vicinity, and created quite a sensation for a few minutes, until investigations assured all that no one had been injured, although the house was badly damaged.

Just the cause of the explosion is something of a mystery. The house which has been newly constructed, and was unoccupied, had been piped for gas, but the pipes did not work just as they should and a local plumber was called to administer the remedy.

50 Years Ago, 1954

The Twin City Baseball League has a meeting tonight at the New Auburn Social Club…League President Johnny Gibson is anxious that all of the teams planning to have teams in the league this summer be represented at the meeting…In order to keep the league going, a team from a nearby suburb may be admitted to the loop this season…Every possible effort should be made to keep the Twin City League in operation…A league can operate with four teams-but is better when there are at least six…Sure bets as competitors for the 1954 circuit are New Auburn Social Club, Cushco, and Bates. There should be entries from the Pastime and Monties-and possibly a few other clubs. The Pastime are reported to be on the fence at this time…It is hoped by all and sundry that there will be enough interest from local clubs so that a well balanced league can be promoted here this summer.

25 Years ago, 1979

A combined effort by the Central Maine Power Co. and the city of Auburn’s Electrical Department has uncovered a faulty meter at the Hasty Armory which has resulted in the city being overcharged several hundred dollars in electrical bills over the past year.

Auburn City Electrician Raymond Pelletier said today the overcharge could be in the vicinity of $1,400, though an accurate figure is not expected to be available before the end of the week.

CMP has agreed to credit the city the amount of the overcharge as soon as it is determined. The faulty meter, according to a CMP spokesman, has either been replaced or is in the process of being replaced this week.

The discovery ends months of investigation, conducted by both the city and CMP, on why the armory was receiving monthly bills which usually totalled over $400.

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