Oxford County

SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

John and Judy Beck Linscott to John O’Riordan, real estate in Greenwood.

Joseph Cirigliano to Mark McAllister, real estate in Hartford.

Annette Allen and Estate of William Allen to Edwin G. and Nancy A. Michaud, real estate in Norway.

Anita and Anita V. Knopp to Barry E. Knopp, real estate in Norway.

Janet G. Goughnour to Dean S. Irish, real estate in Andover.

Patricia G. and John W. Cleveland to Linda M. and Christopher L. Gordon, real estate in Paris.

Stephen and Donna Gallagher to Michael L. Hayden, real estate in Rumford.

Richard A. Tibbetts and Dale R. Verrill to Francis Dumont and Michael Pelletier, real estate in Bethel.

Timothy J. and Nancy A. Sanborn to Vincent F. and Catherine E. Ricciardi, real estate in Newry.

Timothy S. Baribeau and Caroline M. Daunt to Daniel W. and Nancy L. March, real estate in Paris.

Raymond I. and Marilyn E. Colby to Diane Colby and Diane Lamb, real estate in Oxford.

Daniel and Anita Brissette to Sandra Ann Fitzgerald, real estate in Hartford.

George and Donna Dorval and Daniel Marston to Paul Dupre and Carol Marston Dupre, real estate in Roxbury.

Deborah S. Martin and Deborah S. Bracken to Deborah S. Martin and Craig A. Martin Sr., real estate in Canton.

Brenda J. McDonough to Coleman P. McDonough, real estate in Newry.

Coleman P. McDonough to George S. Patey III and Jean A. Patey, real estate in Newry.

Richard Diplacido to Michael T. and Margaret B. Steven, real estate in Bethel.

Christopher and Mary Howe and Cary Logo Inc. to Scott Terkelsen, real estate in Hanover.

Brian W. and Marina E. and Hada and Hada M. Sessions to Scott Terkelsen, real estate in Norway.

Kelly Newkirk and Walter G. Osgood to Grete Osgood, real estate in Greenwood.

Estate of Abigail M. Buswell and Sarah E. Heck to Ralph Berube, real estate in Bethel.

David A. Hatch Jr. and Elizabeth Hatch to Phillip A. Holman, real estate in Newry.

Karen L. Cecilio and Karen L. Callahan to Amy Trimm, real estate in Canton.

Robert N. Smith and Living Trust Agreement of Patricia L. Smith to Robert N. Smith and Living Trust Agreement of Robert N. Smith, real estate in Newry.

Cindy Dan and Albert Bazinet Jr. to John A. Granese Jr. and Gail M. Granese, real estate in Otisfield.

Virginia M. and David M. Bishop and Virginia M. Brooks to William T. Cook, real estate in Albany Township.

Cleveland R. and Cathryn E. Lovejoy to Gerry I. Sverdlin and Anna F. Meschansky, real estate in Bethel Township.

Robert Farrington to Tobias Farrington, real estate in Andover.

Charles R. Smith to John Olin Ellis, real estate in Canton.

Roger L. Richardson to Roger A. Viger Jr., real estate in Rumford.

Frank A. Campbell to Steve Fuller and Randy Gammon, real estate in Hartford.

Jeffrey W. and Sheila M. Sweenor to Nancy F. Miller, real estate in Newry.

Webster N. Jones to James W. Powers Inc., real estate in Andover.

Richard and Barbara and Timothy Maguire to John J. Gagne, real estate in Otisfield.

Laura Cantin Hall to Mark W. Hall, real estate in Newry.

Mark Cyr to Loree Bernardini, real estate in Otisfield.

Barbara Haynes French and Malcolm A. French to Nancy Bennett, real estate in Buckfield.

Richard G. and Barbara A. James to Barbara Connolly, real estate in Bethel.

James Puiia and Estate of Nicholas J. Puiia and Nicholas J. Puiia Jr. to L. G. Van Peursem Jr., real estate in Rumford.

W. Sean Crothers to Ineke H. Schair, real estate in Newry.

Mountain View Real Estate Development LLC to Matthew G. and Cynthia K. Hiebert, real estate in Newry.

Terry S. and Sheila V. Campbell to Terry S. and Sheila V. Campbell, real estate in West Paris.

Gerald E. Drinkuth to Charles R. Jamison and Leslie A. Mills, real estate in Mexico.

Brian A. Truman and Judith A. Truman to Charles R. and Janet E. Truman, real estate in Waterford.

Charles R. Truman to Judith A. Truman, real estate in Paris.

Samuel D. Sessions Inc. to Gail L. Akin and Darryl S. Kissick, real estate in Paris.

Thomas J. Dilworth and Edward L. Dilworth Jr. to Edward R. and Deborah Ropple, real estate in West Paris.

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