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Several states will have anti-gay marriage items on their ballots this fall

With BC-Gay Marriage-New Era

By The Associated Press

At least six states, possibly several more, will have items on their election ballots this fall proposing to amend the state constitution to strengthen existing bans on gay marriage and specify that gay marriages from other states would not be recognized. A breakdown:

AMENDMENT DEFINITELY ON BALLOT: Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma and Utah. Legislatures in each state voted to place the measures on the ballot.

LAWMAKERS STILL DELIBERATING: Consideration of proposed amendments is still underway by legislatures in Alabama and Louisiana

PETITION DRIVES UNDERWAY: Citizen groups opposed to gay marriage are trying to collect enough voter signatures to place proposed amendments on the ballots in Arkansas, Michigan, Montana, Oregon and Ohio. Organizers in Michigan are confident; in Ohio a county judge has raised questions about the wording of the amendment.

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