Q: Now that “Friends” has come to a close, will Matthew Perry become a regular on “The West Wing”? C.M., via e-mail

A: After 10 years on “Friends” it’s not likely Perry will jump into another weekly TV role. He has a couple of movies on the drawing board, one with his actor father, John Bennett Perry. The two played father and son in Matthew’s 1997 comedy “Fools Rush In,” with Salma Hayek. The elder Perry also has guest-starred on “Friends.”

Q: I’d like to know whether “The Dead Zone” is coming back. It ended in a funny way.

R.E., Glen Lyon, Pa.

A: The sci-fi series, inspired by the Stephen King novel and movie, returns for a third season June 6 on USA network. “Monk,” another USA original series, begins a third season on June 18.

Q: About a year ago I heard that another “Rambo” movie was being produced. About the same time, I heard that Richard Crenna had died. Is the movie still coming out? I love military movies and would love to see another “Rambo” movie.

T.N., Roanoke, Va.

A: There may be a “Rambo IV” in Sylvester Stallone’s future, but at this time it takes a back seat to the “Rambo”-slash-“Rocky” star’s new boxing reality show, “The Contender,” coming to NBC early next year. Richard Crenna, who played Col. Samuel Trautman in all three “Rambo” movies, died in January 2003 of pancreatic cancer.

Q: A few seasons back on MTV’s “The Real World,” there was a very attractive young man named Kyle on the show. The other day, I happened to catch a glimpse of NBC’s “Days of Our Lives” and there, on the screen, was Kyle. I am 99.9 percent sure it was Kyle. Was it? – P.O., via e-mail

A: Yes. Kyle Brandt, who was part of “The Real World” Chicago cast, joined the NBC soap since last year. He plays the mysterious Philip Kiriakis.

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