LEWISTON – The visiting artist for May at the St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center Visiting Artist Gallery is Carole Rickards of Peru.

When Rickards was a child, she said she didn’t always connect with nature. That was partly because she lived in more of an urban setting, which was limiting on the nature scene, and her mind hadn’t slowed down enough to really absorb the nature that was actually there.

As an adult, Rickards had the opportunity to really experience the forest scene and all its wonders. She said she felt connected with it and was fascinated with the birds and trees, and still is.

Though she had a sense of color and design in her younger years, her journey then was in a different direction. She said she now realizes that visual art is a personal journey of expression, whether it be realism, abstract, conceptual or any other form.

Although she has a fascination with abstract and conceptual ideas, her heart lies in realism. Her feeling is that she is trying to imitate the tangible aspects of creation, but with her own individual twist.

For information regarding exhibiting at St. Mary’s Visiting Artists Gallery, call Vyonne Spaar, coordinator, at 784-5323.

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