LEWISTON – The Lewiston High School class of 1974 will hold its 30-year reunion on Saturday, July 24, at the Ramada Inn. The daytime activities will begin at 3 p.m. The evening social hour will open at 6 p.m., with dinner to follow at 7 and dancing from 8 until midnight. A Friday evening prelude social will be held at DaVinci’s Restaurant beginning at 7 p.m.

The 1974 class was one of the school’s largest, with around 500 graduates. The reunion committee has been trying to update classmates’ addresses in order to send invitations. However, several members of the class could not be found, and the committee is asking for help.

Information regarding the following classmates can be sent to the committee by e-mail at [email protected], or by calling 375-8105 and asking for Jon:

Beverly Akerly, Michael Albert, Rosaire Anctil, Claire Angers, James Audet, Pauline Bazinet, Joline Beaudette, Roger Beaudette, Cynthia Beaule, Roger Belanger, Thomas Belanger, Denis Belisle, Dave Bergeron, Richard Bergeron, Tina Bernier, Diane Berube, Diane Bilodeau, Lynn Boisvert, Roger Bolduc, Don Bouchard, and Janis Bouchard.

Also, Jean Boulay, Timothy Bradford, Linda Brochu, Dominique Brooks, Joline Brooks, Charles Bryant, Cathleen Bureau, Judy Bussiere, Marie Bussiere, Gail Carrier, Cheryl Carrignan, John Chaloux, Thomas Charette, Stephen Chasse, Rene Cloutier, William Cloutier, Claude Couture, Lance Deschenes, Particia Destefano, Claudette Dion, Patrick Driscoll, Irene Dube, Joseph Feely, Robert Forsyth, Daniel Fortier, Nancy Fortier, and Richard Gagnon.

Also, Bert Galipeau, Carol Gastonguay, Ronald Gaudreau, Linda Gauthier, Jane Gelinas, Daniel Geoffroy, Nancy Giasson, Robin Gordon, Jean Gosselin, Ronald Gosselin, Michael Guimond, Debra Gunn, Nelson Haas, Carol Hammond, Audrey Hanna, Priscilla Hoy, Priscilla Johnson, Harold Johnston, Gary Ketchum, Fred Klimek, Richard Laberge, Denis Lajoie, Paul Lambert, Daniel Landreville, Marlene Landry, Sonia Landry, Susan Langelier, Jennifer Laurendeau, Lee Lebel, Debra Leblanc, Regina Leblanc, Debra Lebourdais.

Also, Paul Lecompte, Gaylene Lemay, Rachel Lemelin, Karen Leriche, Paul Letalien, Gary Letourneau, Madeline Levesque, Janet Lindsey, Roger L’Italien, Donald Lizotte, Paul Longtin, Diane Madore, Chuck Mailhot, Norman Marcotte, Rick Marcoux, Kathy Martel, Steven McCloskey, Robert Mendelson, Theresa Miclon, Richard R. Morin, Debra Morneau, Diane Morse, Venise Nadeau, Paul O’Brien, Gerald Ouellette, Rachel Ouellette, Thomas Ouellette, Cathy Palman, Jacqueline Parent, Robert Parent.

Also, Claudette Pelchat, Nancy Pelletier, Roy Pelletier, Philip Pepin, Theresa Plourde, Christine Poulin, Diane Provencher, Sharol Renwick, Gary Richards, Gail Rigas, Carol Rioux, Anne Rioux, Mike Robichaud, Richard Roche, Mark Roderick, Katherine Rodrigue, Lee Rosin, Ann Rossignol, Roni Rounds, Ann Roy, Robert Seguin, Joseph Simokaitis, Joyce Simonetti, Donna Simpson, Richard Sinclair, Pamela Small, Laurier St. Onge, Brend Strout, Gisele Thibault, Debra Turcotte, Judy Vaillancourt, Mary Jane Valle, Vickie Walker, Patricia Wing, Michael Wise, Karen Wood, Thomas Yorke.

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