LEWISTON – Are you a Lewiston High School student who wants to go from tomboy to prom queen? Slacker to entrepreneur? Wallflower to life of the party?

Then MTV is looking for you.

The rock music television station that caters to teens and 20-somethings will hold a June casting call at Lewiston High School for the reality series “MADE.” The year-old documentary-style show follows young adults as they make themselves over to achieve their dreams.

“MADE” provides the help and the TV cameras.

Lewiston High School Principal Patrick O’Neill received a faxed request last week from an MTV casting assistant who wanted to set up a short casting call at the 1,300-student school. The show, she said, was looking throughout New England for its next “MADE” stars.

O’Neill shared the one-page letter with Guidance Director Marsha Auster.

“I had not heard of the show before. Then, I read about it,” Auster said. “My first, first, first thought was that this was just somebody playing a joke.”

After talking with MTV officials, Auster realized the request was for real. “MADE” wanted to come to Lewiston.

Looking into the show, school officials agreed that it might help some students achieve their goals. They agreed to open their halls to MTV for a few hours on June 8.

Officials announced the news to students late last week. The school originally copied 20 applications. A few days after the announcement, it had gone through more than 150.

“I’m sure it’s spreading like wildfire,” Auster said.

Danny Brooke, a Lewiston High School junior, was one student who heard about the casting call from a friend. His strategy was to apply several times with different goals and make sure his dreams were worthy of ratings.

“I have three or four goals,” Brooke said. A burly 18-year-old, he is planning to ask MTV to help him become prom king, a pro wrestler or a soldier.

“MADE” would follow a student for one to two months, filming constantly as the teen works with an MTV-chosen coach.

So far this season, the show highlighted a young opera singer who wanted to join a hip-hop dance group, a self-described nerd who wanted to date more often and a girl who dreamed of being class president.

The casting call will be held at Lewiston High School from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday, June 8. According to Auster, applicants must be 15 to 21 years old and must be students at Lewiston High School.

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