DIXFIELD – New books at the Ludden Memorial Library are announced.

Adult fiction

“The Shining Badge,” Morris; “The Beloved Enemy,” Morris; “Guardian of the Horizon,” Peters; “Hollywood Divorces,” Collins; “Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman,” Buchan; “The Moon by Night,” Morris; “The Hot Flash Club,” Thayer; “Ice Hunt,” Rollins; “Scarecrow,” Reilly; “Siegfried,” Mulisch.

Also, “The Master Quilter,” Chiaverini; “The Birth of Venus,” Donant; “Whisker of Evil,” Brown; “Only Dad,” Titchmarsh; “My Sister’s Keeper,” Picoult; “Castles,” Peterson; “The Princes of Ireland,” Rutherford; “Rejoice,” Kingsbury; “Bad Business,” Parker; “Glorious Appearing,” La Haye; “The Proposal,” Wick; “The Rescue,” Wick; “Thou Shall Not Grill,” Myers.

Adult fiction – large print

“311 Pelican Court,” Macomber; “The Big Bad Wolf,” Patterson; “Shadows of the Canyon,” Peterson; “Chocolate Quake,” Fairbanks; “A New Day Rising,” Snelling; “An Untamed Land,” Snelling; “A Land to Call Home,” Snelling; “The Reader’s Song,” Snelling; “Death and the Icebox,” Berry; “To Sir Phillip with Love,” Quinn.

Adult nonfiction

“Centennial Crises the Disputed Election of 1876,” Rehnquist; “Orphans Preferred,” Corbett; “Garden Scrapes,” Klinkenboug; “‘Tis Herself,” Nicoletti; “American Dynasty: Aristocracy,” Phillips; “The Power of Forgiveness,” Meyer; “Deliver us From Evil,” Hannity.

Also, “Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Parent’s Guide,” “Ted Williams,” Montville; “A Moose and a Lobster Walk into a Bar,” McDonald; “Blindsided,” Cohen; “Stone Work: Build Rock Gardens, Walks, Walls and Ornaments,” Bridgewater; “Sexuality,” Schwier; “Your Life is not a Label,” Newport.

Adult non fiction – large print

“The Opposite of Fate,” Tan; “Kate Remembered,” Berg.


“Lancaster Bridges,” Brumstetter; “Gone too Far,” Brockmann; “Edge of Twilight,” Shayne; “In Confidence,” Young.

Juvenile fiction

“Winnie Mae,” Lewis; “Ten Sleepy Sheep,” Root; “Kiss, Kiss!” Wild; “Words are Not for Hurting,” Verdick; “When I Miss You,” Spelman; “Baby on Board,” Gray; “Bunny Day,” Lapin; “Copper,” Lisle; “Guess Who Baby Duck,” Hest; “The Birth of Jesus,” Storr; “Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest,” McGovern; “And the Good Brown Earth,” Henderson.

Also, “Arthur’s Science Project,” Brown; “Who Took my Shoe,” Emigh; “Buried Treasure,” Brown; “My Friend Isabelle,” Woloson; “Scuba Bonnies,” Loomis; ” Easter Egg Disaster,” Ruelle; “The Case of the Dirty Clue,” Stanley; “Zoo Parade,” Ziefert; “Messenger,” Lowry; “The Golden Hour,” Williams; “A Time for Ballet,” Geras; “Oh Look,” Polacco; “The First Feud Between the Mountain and the Sea,” Plourde.

Juvenile nonfiction

“Time,” Patilla; “Kid’s Guide to America’s Bill of Rights,” Krull; “Painless American Government,” Strausser; “Diamond Life: Baseball Sights, Sounds and Swings,” Smith; “Impact of the Holocaust,” Altman; “Why Can’t I Learn Like Everyone Else,” Brinkerhoff; “Abortion.”


“From the Corner of His Eye,” Koontz; “Brotherly Love,” Dexter; “A Dance at the Slaughterhouse,” Block; “P is for Peril,” Grafton; “On the Street Where You Live,” Clark.


“Misery,” “Mississippi Burning,” “Jesus of Nazareth,” “Under the Tuscan Sun,” “Sea Biscuit,” “Angelina Ballerina – Lights, Camera, Action,” “Bob the Builder to the Rescue,” “Brother Bear,” “Cheaper by the Dozen,” “Down Periscope,” “Open Range,” “Sinbad, Legend of the Seven Seas,” “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “Little House on the Prairie: Christmas at Plum Creek,” “Little House on the Prairie: As Long As We Are Together.”

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