LISBON FALLS – Lisbon Falls Christian Academy students attended the Northeast Regional Accelerated Christian Education Convention in Schroon Lake, N.Y., April 26 through 30. The students placed first overall in the competition.

They competed in numerous areas, including academic, artistic, athletic, dramatic and musical presentation. Students and the events they placed in are listed below.

First place awards: color photography-scenic, Krystal Brewin; male solo, Michael Hilton; male duet, Brandon Craig and Michael Hilton; large ensemble, choir students; piano solo, Alyssa Boucher; expressive reading-male, Nickolas Brewin; expressive reading-female, Alyssa Boucher; radio program, Alyssa Boucher, Joshua Coombs, Joshua Roberts, Evan Ancona and Robbie Miles.

Second place: short story writing, Alyssa Boucher; black and white photo-scenic, Joshua Roberts; boys 1,600-meter run, Matthew DeGroft; girls 800-meter run, Megan Boucher; running long jump, Matthew DeGroft; girls, tennis doubles, Sarah Eckhardt and Mary Ganong; mixed duet, Krystal Brewin and Michael Hilton; female trio, Krystal Brewin, Sarah Eckhardt and Jennifer Griffin; piano duet, Alyssa Boucher and Mary Ganong; clown act, Joshua Roberts; radio program, Kyle Brewin, Nickolas Brewin, Brandon Craig, Matthew Griffeth and Alexandra Moulton; scripture video, Joshua Coombs, Brandon Craig, Mary Ganong, Michael Hilton and Joshua Roberts.

Third place: short story writing, Mary Ganong; Web site design, Evan Ancona and Seth Costanzo; watercolor, Sarah Eckhardt; pen and ink, Brandon Craig; colored pencils, Megan Boucher; black and white photo scenic, Cassidy Lavers; girls 400-meter dash, Amanda Stevens; male solo, Brandon Craig; female duet, Sarah Eckhardt and Jennifer Griffin; mixed trio, Kyle Brewin, Brandon Craig and Cassandra Lindsey; dramatic dialogue, Megan Boucher and Alexandra Moulton; color photo-still life, Cassidy Lavers; girls volleyball, Alyssa Boucher, Megan Boucher, Krystal Brewin, Sarah Eckhardt, Mary Ganong, Jennifer Griffin, Alexandra Moulton and Amanda Stevens.

Fourth place: quilts, Mary Ganong; boys 200-meter dash, Kyle Brewin; discus, Michael Hilton; female quartet, Sarah Eckhardt, Mary Ganong, Jennifer Griffin and Cassandra Lindsey.

Fifth place: essay writing, Krystal Brewin; sketching, Kyle Brewin; pen and ink, Megan Boucher; color photo-scenic, Joshua Roberts; girls 100-meter dash, Cassandra Lindsey; girls 400-meter dash, Alexandra Moulton, archery, Kyle Brewin; female solo, Jennifer Griffin; dramatic dialogue, Mary Ganong and Michael Hilton; scripture video, Alyssa Boucher, Kyle Brewin, Matthew Griffeth, Matthew DeGroft and Seth Costanzo.

Sixth place: black and white photo-still life, Amanda Stevens; black and white photo-character trait, Robbie Miles; color photo-character trait, Joshua Roberts; formal gown, Amanda Stevens; running long jump, Patrick Veilleux; physical fitness, Nickolas Brewin; mixed duet, Brandon Craig and Cassandra Lindsey; dramatic dialogue, Krystal Brewin and Nickolas Brewin.

The school placed first in music and platform performances and second in arts and crafts but the overall points awarded gave the school a first in the convention.

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