NEW GLOUCESTER – The Zoning Committee meeting on Thursday was canceled for lack of attendance.

Chairman Donald Libby, his mother, Jean Libby of the Planning Board, and town Planner James Isaacson agreed to cancel discussion on an upcoming planning workshop scheduled from 7 to 9 p.m. on June 16 at AMVET Post 6 Hall on Route 100.

The Zoning Committee is planning to look at future growth along a segment of Route 100 from below the blinking light at Route 231 to the Auburn line. The area also includes the Bald Hill Road from the blinking light at Route 100 to the New Gloucester fairgrounds and a portion of Route 231 to Memorial School.

Surrounding land off Route 100 along the Peacock Hill Road and Upper Gloucester Road are part of a long range plan in the future.

Invitations to the June 16 workshop will be mailed this week to business owners along the corridor and residents in Upper Gloucester inviting them to participate in the workshop.

A concept plan will be introduced by resident Norm Chamberlain who has done a study through his firm Taylor Engineering of Auburn on conceptual plans for the area.

“We want to make the Upper Village a more defined village center,” said Libby. That would include mixed use, light industrial use, commercial and residential mix.

Roughly 55 new homes are building each year for the past 15 years, said Libby who says growth will not stop in the near future.

“We don’t want Route 100 area to be a hazard to growth.” And, improving the availability of local services for the increasing population need planning assistance.

The current zoning allows curb cuts, says Libby, but the aim of planning ahead for growth is to scale back zoning and make the area village friendly by encouraging pedestrian use, as well.

The Zoning Committee has been at work with a redesign plan for Upper Gloucester in conceptual talks for several years. This will be the first of several meetings to get the public’s input.

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