AUBURN – The Edward Little High School class of 1964 will hold a reunion on July 10 at the Martindale Country Club.

At present, addresses are needed for the following people: Patricia Godinez, Sharon Steele, Theodore Rowe, Sheila Wheaton, Victor DiRenzo, Sharon Huntley, Judith Murphy, Faye Bristol, Donald Brown, Anita Fournier, Anita Gendron Gail G. Germain, Jacqueline Holbrook, Carol DeRoy, Anita Veilleux, Richard Haskell, Philippe Cloutier, Debra Morin.

Also, Michael Gagne, Michael Roy, Linda Bean, Raymond Richer, Brenda Carland, Robert Holmes Jr., Norman Levin, Ernest Houle Shirley Brackett, Diane Wyman, Gary Leighton, William Clough, James Annear, Doreen Ginchereau, Patricia Church, Pauline Lebel, Gloria Donovan, Barbara Johnson, Robert Miller, William Peck and Robert Rundstrom.

Anyone who can assist with these addresses is asked to contact Sharon McGilvery at 782-0089.

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