RUMFORD – In a ceremony just before Memorial Day, the staff of Rumford Community Home memorialized former residents who had died over the past year. The service was the creation of Activities Coordinator Coe Coe Gurney, who invited the Rev. Ron Ashworth and vocalists Rhonda Shaw and the Rev. Cindy Hamner to be a part of the afternoon.

After readings by Ashworth and songs by the vocalists, Gurney read the name of each departed resident aloud as a family member or member of the Community Home staff lit a candle, assisted by Administrator Rodney McIntyre.

Gurney included a few sentences about each person’s hobbies or histories, from time to time recounting a humorous anecdote or favorite saying.

A large board displaying photos of the memorialized residents stood nearby.

Gurney had surrounded the photos with matting appropriate to the residents’ interests – some bore flowers, one sported fish and fishing tackle, another had a baseball theme.

“It’s hard for our staff and our residents when someone dies, because they have cared for, lived with and loved that person in some cases for many, many years,” explained McIntyre. “We hope this ceremony will help bring closure and a sense of having honored a loved one for the staff, the residents and even some family members who have often spent a great deal of time at our home.”

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