PARIS – The class of 1974, Oxford Hills High School, is looking for missing classmates for the 30th reunion.

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of any of the names below can contact Susan Shaw Paradis at 739-2368 or Diane Johnson Maddix at 743-7961 (weekdays) or 743-7241 (home):

Belinda Baker, Cynthia Brackett Valley, Rebecca Bryant, Frances Burns, Richard Carruthers, Bonnie Chapman, Nancy Cressy, Rose (Roxanne) Damon, Cindy Dodge Nordbye, Jan Erickson, Brenda Estes, Doreen Gagne, Monique Gagne, Pamela Grover.

Also, Timothy Haley, Weltha Hanson, Timothy Jackson, Wendy Kelleher, Carol Lambert, Sherrie Larson, Dorothy Leeman, Carl Lejonhud, Beverly McAllister, Joe McInnis, Lyndon Mclaughlin, Cynthia Osgood.

Also, Debora Paakonen, Raisa Pakarinen, Betty Panthaisong, Barry Paradis, Dwayne Phillips, George Rich, Paul Robbins, Joan Rowe, Susan Rowe, Kevin Sanborn, Dennis Scribner, Val Smith, Gary Spencer, Jewell Williams, Judy Williams.

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