WILTON – Bowling results in the Tuesday Mixed League as of May 11 games:


High game scratch: Chuck Hilaman 243, Bill Allen, Harry Hicks, Patrick Wheeler, 222 and Larry Duval 215.

High series scratch: Larry Duval and Adam Meunier 582, Harry Hicks 562, Bill Allen 557.

High game handicap: Bill Allen 270, Harry Hicks 259, Patrick Wheeler 254.

High series handicap: Bill Allen 701, Larry Duval 693, Harry Hicks 673.


High game scatch: Cathy Walton 175, Sally White 159, Muriel Lisherness, Charlene Corbett, Brinda Eaton 145.

High series scratch: Cathy Walton 461, Muriel Lisherness 412, Charlene Corbett 402.

High game handicap: Cathy Walton 249, Sally White 245, Amanda Woodcock 233.

High series handicap: Cathy Walton 683, Amanda Woodcock 668, Sally White 652.

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