TURNER – The SAD 52 Adult Learning Complex, located at 486 Turner Center Road, will be open during the summer for adults who wish to pursue their high school education, General Educational Development preparation and testing, post-high school refresher classes or help with current university course work.

Academic school classes will begin June 28 and include morning English. The class will focus on developing students’ authentic voices on paper and learning to love language.

An evening English class will cover writing skills, grammar, writing construction and reading comprehension. Films and some hands-on activities will be included.

General biology with lab will offer students a chance to study the cellular process, organismal biology, genetics, ecology and the environment. The instructor has scheduled a lab as part of the class as well as video presentation. The class is appropriate for high school students and individuals who want to apply to college.

Choose from morning or afternoon classes in U.S. history, word studies and government. General science will be offered for high school students who need to make up a class they did not pass during the academic year.

Morning and evening math classes covering basic, algebra I, II and geometry will be geared to high school students who have not passed math during the school year. Morning class will begin June 28 and evening class on July 12. There’ will also be an evening math program that lets participants work at their own pace year round with small classes and personal attention.

Beginning July 20, chemistry with lab will provide a good background for those planning on taking programs that require the subject. Also starting July 20, there will be a basic introduction to selected topics in physics, including metric system, graphing, motion, work, energy, heat and thermal energy.

SAD 52 adult education has an ongoing family literacy program that has worked with many children, helping them strengthen their reading skills. Basic instruction in reading. writing and math is also provided by adult education. Students normally work one-on-one with the instructor to improve skills.

Call the office at 225-3478 for information on any of the programs.

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