MECHANIC FALLS – Third-graders from Elm Street School visited the Maine State Museum and State House in Augusta recently.

They explored the museum with parent chaperones as they searched for answers to a 10-question Fact Hunt. The search led them to look for such things as a “galamander,” “peavey” and a ‘winnowing machine.” They also found a wealth of products that were made in Maine. In addition, they discovered many animals of Maine in their natural habitats.

When the students finished their self-guided tour, they attended three separate gallery programs to learn more about specific areas: Iron Making, Granite Quarrying, and Tide Pools of Maine. They will report to each other in class concerning the specific gallery program that their group attended.

After lunch on the lawn, the third-graders were greeted by Rep. Ted Heidrich, who gave them a personal tour of the State House. They visited the House of Representatives Chamber and the Senate Chamber where Heidrich explained the many facets of a legislator’s responsibilities.

The day concluded with a quick peek at the Hall of Flags and a stop at the Samantha Smith statue before returning to the bus and going back to school.

The experience covered many topics of their social studies curriculum as well as addressing many areas of the Maine State Learning Results requirements.

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