LEWISTON – At the Central Maine American Heart Walk team captain kickoff on June 16, Lewiston Mayor Lionel C. Guay Jr. and Auburn Mayor Normand W. Guay issued a “Mayors’ Challenge: Two Cities Unite for a Common Cause.”

Each mayor will encourage their respective city employees to join with them for the Sept. 26 walk. Funds raised through the walk will be used for continued American Heart Association research and advocacy for heart-healthy lifestyles. Friends and family members may join employees on municipal teams.

The winning city will be decided on a percentage of employee participation, and the winning city will warrant the opposite city’s mayor planting a tree in the winning city.

Lewiston’s Mayor Guay, who chided his brother about the tree planting by stating “get out your work gloves,” also noted, “We are pleased to say that regardless of where the tree is planted, it will be planted in honor of our late mother, Anna. Our dad died when we were young, and our mother proceeded to raise us with an abundant amount of love and guidance. In honor of our mother, we want to do our part so that families are not robbed of a treasured loved one due to heart disease or stroke.”

Auburn’s Mayor Guay responded by saying it would be difficult for him and his brother to tout “brotherly competition” during this challenge stating, “Our mother always taught us to cooperate versus compete, and it’s worked very well.” On that note, Auburn’s Guay also noted that the Heart Walk Challenge is another example of the Twin Cities’ long history of cooperation.

Mayor Normand Guay also later said it is ironic that the Heart Walk has been scheduled for Sept. 26, as that is their mother’s birthday, and she was also a victim of heart disease.

Both mayors shared the importance of the walk, noting that heart disease is currently the No. 1 killer of men and women and the No. 1 birth defect in America.

Lewiston and Auburn company leaders are Dottie Perham-Whittier and Chris Mumau, respectively. Lewiston’s team captains thus far are Perham-Whittier, Heather Hunter, Joyce Ruby, Marc Robitaille and Karen Jones. Auburn’s team captains are Mumau, Tim Cougle and George Buker.

The goal for the Central Maine Heart Walk is $85,000.

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