LEWISTON – Lt. Laurier J. Hamann was given a surprise retirement party at Marco’s Restaurant recently to celebrate his retirement from the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Department after 39 years of service.

The event was planned by the sheriff’s department’s administration and coworkers and Hamann arrived at the restaurant under the pretense he was being taken to lunch to celebrate his birthday.

Attending the celebration was the entire sheriff’s department administration, County Commission Chairman Elmer Berry, retired Chief Deputy Andre Gagne, Hamann’s wife and two daughters as well as other family members and coworkers.

Berry made brief comments, wished Hamann well on his retirement and thanked him for his years of service. Retired Chief Deputy Andre Gagne also spoke of Hamann’s career and wished him well on his retirement.

Sheriff Ronald B. Gagnon presented Hamann a law enforcement plaque thanking him for his years of dedicated service. Chief Deputy Guy Desjardins presented him a gift certificate to a restaurant as well as a free limousine ride. Captain Raymond Lafrance presented Hamann a jacket with the sheriff’s department logo. He also received cards and congratulations.

Hamann began his career in February 1965 as a part-time special deputy to assist Chief Deputy Leonard Gagne in the classification and filing of fingerprints.

In August 1965, Hamann, 23, was hired as a full-time deputy sheriff, working dispatch and classifying fingerprints. At that time he was said to be the youngest deputy in the state. In 1974, he was appointed as one of four sergeants in charge of the jail and patrol.

In September 1978, Hamann transferred to the Androscoggin County District Attorney’s Office as an administrative assistant. While there he worked for two district attorneys, Thomas E. Delahanty II, who is now the Superior Court chief justice, and Janet T. Mills, who is now in private practice.

In May 1988, Hamann transferred back to the Sheriff’s Department as the Civil Division supervisor. That position was reclassified in June 1997 to lieutenant civil division director.

Hamann served under four sheriffs during his career: Robert W. Bonenfant, Rosaire J. Martel, Lionel A. Cote and Gagnon. While there he attended numerous schools and is responsible for the implementation of the teletype system for Androscoggin County.

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