AUBURN – Students from Auburn intermediate schools participated in the annual Auburn Schools Grade Six Math Meet on May 28 at Fairview School. The event was held as part of the ongoing math enrichment activity through the Auburn Gifted and Talented Program facilitated by Joanie Simard and Carrie Beaulieu.

Students competed for team points in individual and team events, which required participants to solve problems involving calculations, logical thinking and visual-spatial math.

The team consisting of Katie Read, Ashley Gallagher, Austin Polisky, Jessica Staples and Jared Girardin placed first. Second was the team composed of Emily Dumont, Casey Myrick, Ryan Arnold, John Morrison and Jeremy Theriault. Third-place team honors were shared by Adam Chamberland, Kayla Cummings, Mike DeVoe and Dawn Sylvester.

Individual high scorer was Jeremy Theriault, with Jared Girardin finishing in second place; Elsa Brown and Jeremy Daigle were tied for third.

Other participants included Matt Blanchard, Natalie Bornstein, Tim Brodsky, Lauren Brown, Josh Bryant, Clark Chamberlin, Alex Cummings, Samantha Dean, Ben Denison, Rebecca Dubois, Jake Farrago, Brooke Gagne, Steven Giorgetti, Stacie Gooldrup, Matt Gordon.

Also, Aston Hackett, Katherine Harmon, Abby Holmes, Derrick Lacasse, Hanna Mogensen, Henry Moniz, Zachary Nouri, Sarah Olstein, Helen O’Neill, James Philbrook, A.J. Poulin, Philip Sears, Jaime Sevit, Tyler Shennett, Felicia Stewart, Hilary Tate, Sarah Thompson, Hillary Turcotte, Ashley Winn.

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