LEWISTON – Central Maine Christian Academy students, from grades five through 12, recently participated in the Association of Christian Schools International Maine Academic Day at Bangor Christian School.

The event included competitions in the math, art and science areas. The academy was among nine Christian schools involved in the activities. The students chosen to take part were those who had received top scores in math, science and art competitions at CMCA.

The following competed in the science and math areas:

Grades five and six: Frank Montana, Ashley Fenderson, Chad Jones, Bethany Nyberg, Jonathan Goorhuis, Jacob Stewart, Sarah Beecher, Aaron Lindahl, Garrett Conant and Patrick Letourneau.

Grades seven and eight: Andrea Boucher, Mathew Bubier, Amanda Fenderson, Roland Chabot, George Glass, Nick Conant, Calah Poulin, Mike Nyberg and Ben Rand.

Grades nine through 12: Mark Jones, Jason Verrill and Matthew Cyr.

Staff members and volunteers who assisted in the program were Bonnie Garman, Patricia St. Hilaire, Kelly Beecher and Michael Nyberg.

The art festival included works done in various categories and mediums, such as paint, marker, crayon, collage and construction paper. The following students were chosen to enter some of their work in the art festival:

Grades five and six: Ashley Paquette, Sarah Beecher, Ashley Fenderson and Garrett Conant.

Grades seven and eight: Mike Nyberg, Stuart Lindahl, Chris Cyr and Calah Poulin.

Grades nine through 12: Mike Turgeon, Kelsi Robbins, Ashley Fish and Sarina Smith.

Special recognition was given to the following students in the science fair who received outstanding blue ribbons: Mark Jones, Frank Montana, Chad Jones and Jonathan Goorhuis. Math competitors who also received special recognition were Nick Conant, Sarah Beecher, Roland Chabot, George Glass and Mathew Bubier.

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