BETHEL – Telstar Regional High School scholarships and awards for the class of 2004 have been announced.

Albany Congregational Church scholarships: Angela Hooper and Priscilla Thurston.

Andover Alumni Association’s Michael Marston Memorial Outstanding Vocational Student Book Award: Benjamin Bailey.

Andover Alumni Association Remington Award: Elizabeth Witt.

Andover Alumni Association Senior Math Award: Elizabeth Witt.

Andover Alumni Association Senior Science Award: Lindsey Farrington.

Andover Alumni Walter Fox Book Award: Lindsey Farrington.

Andover Friday Club Book Award: Erin Farrington.

Andover Alumni Association Andover/Telstar Top Scholar Lila Farrington Memorial Awards: Lindsey Farrington and Elizabeth Witt.

Andover Service Circle Award: Jennifer Arsenault.

Anna Barker Award: Alexis Grover.

Anna Thurston Memorial Award: Ashley Stambolis.

Annie Crockett Foundation scholarships: Alanna Borst, Eric Farrington, Zane Howe and Kurt Wight.

Bear River Grange scholarship: Kurt Wight.

Bethel Area Clergy scholarship: Benjamin Bailey.

Bethel Chamber of Commerce Student Citizenship Awards: Megan Kelly and Kurt Wight.

Bethel Citizen scholarships: Eliot Poirier, journalism major, and Kurt Wight, graphic arts major.

Bethel Emergency Ambulance and Rescue Service Educational Assistance Award: Tanya Knox and Christopher Withey.

Bethel Lions Club scholarship: Kalynda Akers and Casey Fleet.

Bethel Rotary Club Memorial Educational Assistance Awards: Alanna Borst, Ed Quinn Memorial; Justine Carver, Bill Conary Memorial; Jacob Largess, Dick Verville Memorial; Meagan Lunney, Charles Feld Memorial; Ashley Stambolis, Rollie Glines Memorial; Santana Wilson, Floyd Mason Memorial.

Beverly Haines Memorial Medical Field scholarship: Lindsey Farrington.

College awards: Alanna Borst and Justine Carver, University of Maine grants; Thomas Coolidge, University of Maine at Farmington grants; Bronson Douglass, Central Maine Community College scholarship; Dorcey Dunn, University of Maine grant; Lindsey Farrington, University of Maine at Machias grant; Casey Fleet, University of New England scholarship, University of New England Day Book Award, University of New England access grant.

Also, Alexis Grover, University of Maine at Augusta grant; Megan Kelly, University of Maine Top Scholar Award; Tanya Knox, University of Maine at Presque Isle grant; Jacob Largess, Roger Williams University grant; Eliot Poirier, Roger Williams University grant.

Also, Benjamin Shimamura, Johnson and Wales University merit scholarship and Johnson and Wales FBLA Leadership Award; Ashley Stambolis, University of Maine grant; Kurt Wight, Lyndon State College grant; Santana Wilson, University of Maine Maine Scholars Achievement Award and University of Maine Top Scholar Award.

DAR Good Citizenship Award: Ashley Stambolis.

East Andover Community Club Award: Lindsey Farrington.

Eva Bean Memorial Award: Eliot Poirier.

Friends of Telstar scholarships: Thomas Coolidge, Bronson Douglass, Dorcey Dunn and Erin Farrington.

Gilead scholarship: Eliot Poirier.

Glidden’s Bethel Foodliner scholarship: Zane Howe and Elizabeth Witt.

Greenwood scholarships: Alanna Borst and Christopher Withey.

Greenwood Finlandia scholarship: Alanna Borst.

Grover Gundrilling scholarship: Benjamin Bailey.

Hancock Lumber scholarship: Alexis Grover.

Jackson Silver Post 68, American Legion, Education Assistance Awards: Benjamin Bailey, Daniel Dunham, Dorcey Dunn and Erin Farrington.

Jackson Silver Post 68, American Legion, Auxiliary Educational Assistance Award: Dorcey Dunn.

John B. and Eunice Fox Prize Scholarship: Lindsey Farrington.

Kevin Powell Memorial Scholarship: Alanna Borst.

Lester C. Bickford Memorial Scholarship: Angela Hooper.

Maine Association of Secondary School Principals’ Leadership Award: Megan Kelly.

Maine Principals’ Scholarship: Ashley Stambolis.

Masonic Grand Lodge of Maine scholarship: Zane Howe.

Michael Brooks Most Outstanding Senior Athlete Award: Travis Brooks.

Michael Brooks Memorial Scholarship: Travis Brooks.

Mount Abram Fish and Game Association Award: Alexis Grover.

Mundt Allen Post 81, American Legion, Educational Assistance Awards: Benjamin Bailey and Erin Farrington.

Mundt Allen Post 81, American Legion, School Award Medals: Alanna Borst and Travis Brooks.

National Honor Society book awards: Alanna Borst, Travis Brooks, Justine Carver, Lindsey Farrington, Casey Fleet, Megan Kelly, Meagan Lunney, Ashley Stambolis, Santana Wilson and Christopher Withey.

Newry Mothers Club scholarships: Deanna Davis, Mark Hodgkin, Adam Largess, Jacob Largess and Kurt Wight.

Northern Oxford County Area Counselors scholarships: Priscilla Thurston.

Oxford Network Clarence Todd Memorial Scholarship: Kurt Wight.

Phi Beta Kappa Association of Maine Academic Achievement Award: Megan Kelly.

President’s Education Awards: Jennifer Arsenault, Alexis Grover, Megan Kelly and Santana Wilson.

Presidential Freedom Scholarships: Ashley Stambolis and Santana Wilson.

Principal’s Awards: Megan Kelly, Summa Cum Laude; Santana Wilson, Magna Cum Laude; and Lindsey Farrington, Cum Laude.

Project Opportunity Christopher Powell Memorial Scholarship: Benjamin Bailey.

Project Opportunity Achievement Award: Andrew Lowe.

Project Opportunity scholarships: Kalynda Akers, Jennifer Arsenault, Benjamin Bailey, Timmyjohn Beaudet, Alanna Borst, Justine Carver, Thomas Coolidge, Bronson Douglass, Daniel Dunham, Dorcey Dunn, Erin Farrington, Lindsey Farrington, Casey Alan Fleet, Alexis Grover, Angela Hooper, Zane Howe, Megan Kelly, Tanya Knox, Adam Largess, Jacob Largess, Meagan Lunney, Mari-Ann Massey, Eliot Poirier, Peter Poor II, Benjamin Shimamura, Ashley Stambolis, Alyson Storck, Priscilla Thurston, Kurt Wight, Santana Wilson, Christopher Withey and Elizabeth Witt.

Region 9 National Vocational-Technical Honor Society Awards: Benjamin Bailey, Alexis Grover and Christopher Withey.

Richard L. Roy Memorial Scholarship: Meagan Lunney.

Royal Arch Masonic Scholarship: Casey Fleet.

Rumford Eagles 1248 Youth Guidance Scholarships: Ashley Stambolis and Kurt Wight.

Sandon Morgan Memorial Scholarship: Benjamin Bailey.

Second Annual Mr. and Ms. Telstar Award: Benjamin Bailey and Lindsey Farrington.

Sen. George Mitchell Scholar: Megan Kelly.

Special Faculty Four-Year Awards: Lindsey Farrington English: Megan Kelly, French and mathematics; Alanna Borst, guidance and counseling: Santana Wilson, science and social studies; Deanna Davis, special services.

Spirit Award in recognition of Sally Hannon’s service to Telstar: Santana Wilson.

Stuart Thurlow Memorial Scholarship: Zane Howe.

Sunset Rebekah Lodge 64 scholarship: Justine Carver.

Taste of Bethel Sue O’Donnell Memorial Scholarship: Benjamin Shimamura.

Telstar Alumni Association Memorial Awards: Kalynda Akers, Timmyjohn Beaudet, Daniel Dunham, Casey Fleet, Tanya Knox, Kurt Wight, Christopher Withey.

Telstar Education Association Helen C. Berry Memorial Scholarship: Priscilla Thurston.

Telstar High School Student Council scholarships: Dustin Angevine, Travis Brooks, Justine Carver, Megan Kelly, Ashley Stambolis.

Telstar High School top scholar recognition: Megan Kelly, Santana Wilson, Lindsey Farrington, Alanna Borst, Andrew Lowe, Eliot Poirier, Zane Howe, Dorcey Dunn, Elizabeth Witt, Jacob Largess.

U.S. Air Force Math/Science Award: Santana Wilson.

U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Awards: Jacob Largess, Santana Wilson.

U.S. Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Awards: Megan Kelly, Andrew Lowe.

U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Awards: Casey Fleet and Ashley Stambolis.

U.S. Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Awards: Angela Hooper and Christopher Withey.

Woodstock scholarships: Zane Howe, Megan Kelly, Benjamin Shimamura.

Woodstock Alumni scholarships: Daniel Dunham and Zane Howe.

Woodstock Finlandia Scholarship: Daniel Dunham.

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