AUBURN – The Edward Little High School National Honor Society held its annual induction ceremony on May 27 in the school gym.

Principal Jim Miller welcomed the 350 attending and congratulated the inductees. The ceremony was run by NHS members. Adam Platz, treasurer, played several classical pieces as the guests were being seated. Amy Churchill, Carrie Smith and Brianna Knox sang “Lift Thine Eyes,” a piece by Mendelssohn. Becky Hughes welcomed the inductees and introduced the guest speaker.

Dr. Tom Desjardin, an ELHS graduate and a Civil War expert, addressed the gathering. Desjardin has written several books on the Civil War and served as an adviser to actor Jeff Daniels when he played Chamberlain in “Gettysburg.” He challenged the inductees to do something with the honor and not to rest on the award itself.

Student speakers explained the history of the National Honor Society and the four characteristics of the society. Liz Dulac gave the history; Andy Loignon spoke on scholarship, Kenny Poulin on character, Kathryn Speer on leadership and Amy Churchill on service.

Each lit a candle representing one of the four attributes. Sam Fletcher lit a fifth candle to represent a person who has all four characteristics.

The inductees came forward, picked up a candle and chose to light it from one of the five on the candelabra after shaking hands with Miller, Desjardin and Hughes. Alyson Keene, secretary, Sam Fletcher, vice president, and Platz gave inductees their society credentials. Hughes led them in recitation of the oath.

The new members exited to a reception at the end of the gym. The event had been planned by adults Kit Sawyer and Carolyn Ritchie. Posters indicating the successes of this year’s group had been prepared by NHS member Jennifer Lever. NHS member Alice Efland prepared the floral decorations and ushers included Sarah Gardner, Heather Martineau and Jennifer Nussinow.

Inductees from the class of 2004 are:

Matthew Colby, Katreena Corriveau, Jeanelle Demers, Danial Dreiling, Lauren Gagnon, Maxswell Hackett-Gross, Hodan Jaji-Hersi, Maria Kovacs, Jessica Madore, Adam Meserve, Amanda Pelletier, Jessie Pelletier and Matthew Pettengill.

Class of 2005 inductees are:

Rachel Barlion, Meghan Bartlett, Kristopher Bennett, Michelle Bernier, Raechel Biron, Katie Bonney, Tara Churchill, Katherine Curtis, Stephanie DeFilipp, Ryan Delorme, Heidi Dorris, Brian Erickson.

Also, Anastasia Eustis, Sean Favreau, Elisabeth Garman, Benjamin Geiger, Hannah Giasson, Brian Gleason, Kristi Gordon, Callie Hird, Katherine Hughes, Christopher Johnston, Brett Jordan, Kristin Keene, Rachel Kennedy, Joseph Kester, Karina Klonoski, Raynor Large.

Also, Nicholas LeBlanc, Alicia Malo, Danielle Martineau, Nicole Minigell, Max Mogensen, Erick Morrotta, Ashkan Nowtash, Rachael Penley, Rebecca Platz, Aimee Poulin, Madison Raymond.

Also, Brittany Roberge, Vahid Rohani, Allison Sasser, Matthew Sonagere, Gretchen Stearns, Danielle Swan, Amy Thongsavanh, Natalie Tribou, Jenny Verrill, Lindsey Visbaras, Brittany Wallingford, Bradford Wenzel, Alexandria Wiencek, Matthew Williams, Carmen Wong.

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