LEWISTON – Central Maine Medical Center’s adult volunteers gathered recently at the hospital for the annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet.

Among those honored was Anthe James of Lewiston, who has given 58 year of service as a Woman’s Hospital Association gift shop volunteer.

CMMC adult volunteers were collectively honored for giving more than 58,000 hours of service to the hospital last year.

A number of CMMC managers acknowledged individual volunteers in a post-dinner ceremony. Many of those who recognized their volunteers spoke of how important volunteer support is in maintaining day-to-day activities at CMMC.

“The evening was a splendid affair with entertainment provided by singing duo Side By Side. The event’s theme was “Casino,” with decorations and gifts in Las Vegas style,” said CMMC Volunteers Director Susan Bowie.

The following were honored:

100 hours or less: Debra Angelides and Snoopy (service dog) of Sidney, 36 hours; Joline Beaudoin, 81 hours; H.W. Beatty of Windham, 70 hours; Connie Bishop of Auburn, 67 hours; Crystal Brown, 62 hours; Gisele Chabot of Lewiston, 44 hours; Joe DeFilip, 61 hours; Sarah Deletetsky of Auburn, 75 hours; Siggy Fields of Auburn, 25 hours; Esther Gould of Brunswick, 99 hours; Debra Hamner, five hours; Phyllis Henderson of Auburn, 92 hours; Jane Holmes of Norway, 23 hours.

Also, Barbara Kern of Auburn, 12 hours; Kim Knight of Auburn, five hours; Jean Libby of Auburn, 25 hours; Ruth Michaud of Auburn, 26 hours; Troy Morgan of Auburn, eight hours; Sue Peters of Lewiston, 16 hours; Ben Roberts of Litchfield, 40 hours; Carla Scott, 93 hours; Valerie Seamon, 15 hours; Jane Stone of Raymond, 30 hours; Carla Thibault of Auburn, 11 hours; Marilyn Vanier of Auburn, 25 hours; Bud Wilcox of Lewiston, 55 hours; Ruth Young of Naples, 25 hours; and Mike Zubiate of Auburn, 50 hours.

100 to 500 hours: Anne Ceplikas of Auburn, 278 hours; Priscilla Band of Lewiston, 345 hours; Lorraine Bolen of Lewiston, 107 hours; Dick Bussiere of Auburn, 464 hours; Henry Coombs of Auburn, 227 hours; Lillian Coombs of Auburn, 356 hours; Judy Carver of Poland Spring, 824 hours; Pat Duval of Auburn, 289 hours; Lorraine Hamann of Lewiston, 388 hours; Virginia Jones of Rumford, 130 hours; Priscilla Lavoie of Lewiston, 197 hours; Marsha McKenna of Rumford, 156 hours.

Also, Claire Naum of Auburn, 162 hours; Sue O’Leary of Lisbon, 134 hours; Tonie Ramsey of Auburn, 352 hours; Lorraine Samson of Lewiston, 175 hours; Janice Sites of Lewiston, 107 hours; Anne Tetreault of Lewiston, 184 hours; Art Turley of Lewiston, 372 hours; Lorraine Vaillancourt of Auburn, 130 hours; Vergie Wade of Monmouth, 480 hours; Pam Washington of Rumford, 130 hours; Gretchen Ward of Lewiston, 336 hours; and Ruth Young of Naples, 25 hours.

500 to 1000 hours: Rita Beaulieu of Lewiston, 874 hours; Joe Bennett of Lewiston, 511 hours; Carol Berg of Auburn, 784 hours; Pete Bouchard of Lewiston, 692 hours; Betty Bubier of Greene, 560 hours; Pauline Burns of Auburn, 949 hours; Gillian Curtis of Greene, 727 hours; Larry Doble of Lisbon Falls, 570 hours; Sylvia Fisher of Hartford, 676 hours; Lorna Fournier of Auburn, 742 hours; Dale Gowell of Auburn, 842 hours; Jean Hamel of Auburn, 650 hours.

Also, Pam Heald of Buckfield, 650 hours; Judy Holbrook of Auburn, 874 hours; Barbara Lander of Auburn, 974 hours; Jeanne Laliberte of Auburn, 842 hours; Norm Laliberte of Auburn, 903 hours; Veny Lavoie of Lewiston, 781 hours; Frank McAvoy of Lewiston, 771 hours; Roger Nadeau of Lewiston, 791 hours; Joan Neal of Auburn, 830 hours; Claire Poirier of Auburn, 724 hours; Bob Saindon of Auburn, 716 hours; Ann Walton of Lewiston, 603 hours; Evelyn Thomas of Lewiston, 655 hours; and Harold Warner of Auburn, 666 hours.

1,000 to 2,000 hours: B. Bernier of Litchfield, 1,454 hours; Marie Banville of Lewiston, 1,688 hours; Janice Bilodeau of Auburn, 1,818 hours; Pauline Blais of Lewiston, 1,460 hours; Connie Brann of Auburn, 1,830 hours; Florence Chandonnet of Lewiston, 1,568 hours; Mildred Dumais of Auburn, 1,064 hours; Jean Gilbert of Turner, 1,941 hours.

Also, Carol Kypta of Lewiston, 1,937 hours; Ed Lane of Turner, 1,103 hours; Bruce Macomber of Auburn, 1,032 hours; Mary Morgan of Greene, 1,358 hours; Pat Records of Turner, 1,494 hours; Glenys Ryder of Danville, 1,019 hours; Wes Ryder of Danville, 1,049 hours; Ray Turcotte of Lewiston, 1,787 hours; Brenda Weeks of Auburn, 1,269 hours; and Don Weeks of Auburn, 1,825 hours.

2,000 to 3,000 hours: Muriel Adams of Auburn, 2,101 hours; Betty Audet of Lewiston, 2,235 hours; Bruce Bartlett of Auburn, 2,590 hours; Cep Ceplikas of Auburn, 2,077 hours; Joan Levenson of Auburn, 2,400 hours; Judy Moreau of Lewiston, 2,300 hours; Mildred Rideout of Greene, 2,850 hours; Jackie Thornton of Lewiston, 2,516 hours; Ken Thurlow of Mechanic Falls, 2,943 hours; Dick Therrien of Lewiston, 2,280 hours; Bea Wailus of Greene, 2,648 hours; and Nancy Warner of Auburn, 2,854 hours.

3,000 to 4,000 hours: Mike Bussiere of Lewiston, 3,348 hours; Lennie Butler of Auburn, 3,569 hours; Jackie Culina of Auburn, 3,734 hours; Pauline Fournier of Lewiston, 3,839 hours; Betty Giroux of Lewiston, 3,398 hours; Helen Hewins of Greene, 3,372 hours; Harold Lucas of Auburn, 3,356 hours; Jim McDonough of Auburn, 3,148 hours; Louise Plouff of Greene, 3,375 hours; Esther Robinson of Auburn, 3,771 hours; Ellie Rolerson of Lewiston, 3,055 hours; and Lucille Welch of Lewiston, 3,860 hours.

4,000 to 5,000 hours: Mary Brogan of Greene, 4,211 hours; Lora Clark of Auburn, 4,436 hours; Dick Gould of Brunswick, 4,567 hours; Jackie Harkins of Mechanic Falls, 4,498 hours; Roy Lowe of New Gloucester, 4,183 hours; Don Nason of Auburn, 4,369 hours; and Glen Spiller of Lewiston, 4,008 hours.

5,000 to 6,000 hours: Annette Dubuc of Lewiston, 5,883 hours; Marion Hammond of Greene, 5,274 hours; and Phyllis Latlippe of Auburn, 5,712 hours.

6,000 to 7,000 hours: Ray Ames of Lewiston, 6,987 hours; Mary Ann Jackman of Minot, 6,250 hours; Dick Leavitt of Auburn, 6,190 hours; and Gabe Parent of Auburn, 6,132 hours.

7,000 to 8,000 hours: Hartley Fogg of Auburn, 7,135 hours.

More than 8,000 hours: Marie Vickery of Auburn, 9,330 hours; Helen McGuire of Lewiston, 10,164 hours; Eileen Danforth of Lewiston, 11,206 hours; Aneta Belanger of Greene, 13,470 hours; and Mary Nichols of Lewiston, 14,474 hours.

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