TOPSHAM – Flying Changes Center for Therapeutic Riding held its 11th annual Equestrian Challenge Horse Show for child/adult special needs and typical riders on June 19. All riders were judged according to their own individual achievement.

For information about special needs programs, Pegasus Youth Community Service Program or volunteering opportunities, contact Program Director Barbara Doughty at 729-0168.

Results are as follows:

Costume class – all participants awarded the Flying Changes Gold Medal: Carly Cornish, Siona Henze, Kaitlyn Samuels, Olivia Brantner, Emma Nickerson, Catherine Johnson, Ellis Kurtz.

Child walk pleasure – all participants received a blue ribbon: Kaitlyn Samuels, Emma Nickerson, Kyra Wiley, Sarah Judkins, Mars Vear, Connor Hagerthy, Tyler Venable.

Child walk/trot pleasure: 1, Zoe Cernich; 2, Dawson Brooks; 3, Dewie Kirchner; 4, Siona Henze.

Vaulting: 1, Logan Pendleton; 2, Deen Kirchner; 3, Carly Cornish.

Adult walk equitation: 1, Benz Walker.

Adult walk obstacle course: 1, Benz Walker.

Adult walk/trot equitation: 1, Krista Wing; 2, Dan Kelley; 3, Danielle Stevensen.

Adult walk/trot obstacle course: 1, Dan Kelley; 2, Danielle Stevensen; 3, Krista Wing.

Musical drill team: A, 1, Benz Walker; 1, Barbara Doughty; B, 2, Stephanie Hancock; 2, Mandy Givens.

Child walk equitation: 1, Cheyenne Given; 2, Matthew Jarmusz; 3, Deen Kirchner; 4, Thomas Jarmusz; 5, Emily Burns.

Child walk obstacle course: 1, Thomas Jarmusz; 2, Cheyenne Given; 3, Matthew Jarmusz; 4, Emily Burns.

Child walk/trot equitation: Division A, 1, Sally Jarmusz; 2, James Allen; 3, Andrew Torrent-Ellis; 4, Anna Bigelow; 5, Wayne Allen; 6, Courtney Torrent-Ellis; Division B, 1, Katie Liscovitz; 2, Olivia Brantner; 3, Chelsea McCormick; 4, Catherine Johnson; 5, Nick Moore; 6, Ben Blatz.

Child walk/trot obstacle course: Division A, 1, Andrew Torrent-Ellis; 2, Courtney Torrent-Ellis; 3, James Allen; 4, Wayne Allen; 5, Sally Jarmusz; 6, Anna Bigelow; Division B, 1, Olivia Brantner; 2, Katie Liscovitz; 3, Catherine Johnson; 4, Ben Blatz; 5, Nick Moore; 6, Chelsea McCormick.

Child walk/trot/caner equitation: 1, Kim Jordan-LaTour; 2, Linda Fogg; 3, Samantha Cherbonneau.

Jump over cross rails: 1, Samantha Cherbonneau; 2, Linda Fogg; 3, Kim Jordan-LaTour.

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