The Auburn Rescue Home and the matron, Miss Morrison, have been the subjects of many literary productions of late. There is an apparent feeling on the part of many Auburn people that there is no special need for such a home in the city. The home, its work and its matron, are freely discussed.

Police Matron Swett believes the work as carried on there could well be dispensed with. And there are many others who are frank to express their opinion about the place and daily suggestions are received by City Marshal Garcelon as to what his action should be in his official position. Marshal Garcelon is not in sympathy with the movement but at the same time feels that his duties as city marshal of Auburn do not lie in making unnecessary trouble for Miss Morrison, the Matron of the home.

50 Years Ago, 1954

•Nearby residents complained yesterday when someone put fish heads in a culvert at Fifth and Dunn streets, Auburn. The neighborhood, it was reported, was subjected to an unbearable odor. An employee of the city highway department solved the problem by flushing the fish heads out of the culvert and down the sewer.

•Seven Lewiston youngsters were chased by police from the upper canal last night. Police said the youngsters were filling their pockets and baskets with discarded bottles. The canal is dry this week since the mills are closed for the holiday week. Capt. Rene J. Larrivee reported he ordered the boys from the canal for fear they might contract an infection or injure themselves on broken glass.

•Three scarlet fever cases were among communicable diseases reported in Lewiston last week, Dr. Robert J. Wiseman Jr., city health officer, said yesterday. Also reported were four mumps and three chickenpox cases.

25 Years Ago, 1979

YEE-HAA…The rodeo arrived in Lewiston Friday, broncos kicking and whinnying and snorting, and cowboys riding and lassoing, and clowns being funny and daring. Following a performance Friday night at the Summer Spectacular at the Lewiston Fairgrounds, the rodeo will go at it again from 2-4 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. Saturday. The action was non-stop Friday, as witnessed by the bucking horses, calf wrestling and clowning around.

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