AUBURN – A Monmouth man has been sentenced to seven days in jail for threatening two people in an apparent act of road rage.

Bradley Koenigseker, 40, pleaded guilty Tuesday to two counts of criminal threatening in connection with an incident on Lisbon Street last November.

Police say Koenigseker was driving his pickup close to the rear of the car in front of him. As both vehicles continued toward the downtown area, the driver of the other car pulled up next to Koenigseker, put his hands in the air and mouthed, “What the hell?”

According to statements by both the driver and the passenger of the other car, Koenigseker rolled down his window and began waving a gun at the two men. The driver pulled over and called 911 after he realized that the gun was real.

Police stopped Koenigseker in front of the Cigarette Shoppe in Lewiston. According to an affidavit filed by Lewiston patrolman Eric Syphers, a loaded 9-mm handgun fell out of Koenigseker’s jacket as two officers were trying to arrest him.

The officers also found a folding knife, a hatchet and a wooden club in his truck, the affidavit says.

Koenigseker was initially charged with two felony counts of criminal threatening. The state agreed to reduce the charges to misdemeanors in exchange for the guilty plea.

As a result of the plea agreement, the charges no longer include the allegation that Koenigseker was carrying a dangerous weapon.

According to police, Koenigseker was in the process of becoming a member of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club at the time of his arrest. Koenigseker’s lawyer, Scott Lynch, told a judge Tuesday that Koenigseker also served in the military and earned numerous awards for his service.

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