LIVERMORE FALLS – Livermore Falls High School announces its fourth-quarter honor roll.


Highest honors: Andre Mercier, Leah Sturtevant, Kara Timberlake.

High honors: Mark Castonguay, Cole Flagg, James Foster, Katie Lafreniere.

Honors: Jared Berry, Michael Chamard, Amber Cossaboom, Colleen Doiron, Chelsea Duguay, Markus Ehrlich, Stacey Gagnon, Jedediah Hiscock, Elizabeth Moras, Tracy Rich, Katherine Rollins, Sarah Thurlow.


Highest honors: Amy Damon.

High honors: Nicholas Allen, Bradley Bryant, Wendy Davis, Sarah Hamilton, Kathleen Killam, Jacob Landry, Andrew Moreau, Ryan Terray.

Honors: Elyse Bonnevie, Jack Butterfield, Julie Dion, Thomas Durrell, Andrea Ferguson, Corey Flagg, Danielle Gray, Parker Madden, Jamilyn Paradis, Vallen Richard, Amber Roy, Andrea St. Pierre.


High honors: Krystal Bibeau, Taryn Flagg, Charles Soucy.

Honors: Kelsey Biliouris, Amber Hiscock, Kristin Hodge, Anthony Jackson, Breanna Jamison, Kyla Timberlake.


Highest honors: Davis Mercier.

High honors: Nicholas Berry, Michael Durrell, Hannah McDaniel, Rachel Ventrella.

Honors: Richard Adams III, Victoria Flagg, Caryn Howell, Rebecca Leclerc, Mark O’Shea, Joshua Ross, Lindsey Timberlake.

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