LIVERMORE FALLS – The following awards have been presented at Livermore Falls Middle School:


High honors for grades six, seven and eight: Esther Bizier.

High honors for the year: Esther Bizier, Erika Newman, Kendra Lyman, Thomas Ventrella.

Secretary of State Citizenship Award: Esther Bizier.

Presidential Awards: Esther Bizier, Michelle Morlock, Matt Cotnoir, Brittany Castonguay, Christina Dufour, Brian Castonguay, Kelsey Wilkins, Chantelle Davis, Alyssa Foster, Kim Bond, Dan Dustin, Rett Neal.

Academic Excellence: Kimberly Bond, Michelle Morlock, Esther Bizier, Scott McDaniel, Simone Doiron, Nicole Moreau.

Band Director’s Award: Esther Bizier.

Perfect attendance grade six, seven and eight: Christina Dufour.

Perfect attendance: Christina Dufour, Bryon Brown, Brittney Castonguay, Brittany Souther, Kyle Stebbins.

Unified Arts Awards

Citizenship: Zack Keene, Esther Bizier, Ross Chicoine, Laura Howell, Lauren Breton, Thomas Ventrella.

Outstanding UA Students: Emily Marsters, Crystal Tracy, Zachary Keene, Cashlin Bronish, Christina Dufour, Brittney Castonguay, Brian Castonguay, Michelle Morlock, Joey Isgro, Alyssa Foster, Christina Dufour, Kevin Gats, Ross Chicoine, Kendra Lyman, Ian Wilcox, Lauren Breton.

Band: Chantelle Davis, Alyssa Foster, Emily Marsters, Danielle Couture, Kara Helman, Ethan Lake, Chris Greeley, Devin Harrington, Dustin Pearson, Michelle Morlock, Darby Wright, Esther Bizier, Brittney Castonguay, Sarah Carson, Alyssa Black, Christina Dufour, Bryon Brown, Brian Castonguay, Michael Castonguay, Justine Plourde, Karly Wilkins, Daneka Lapoint.

Also, Nicole Adams, Kendra Lyman, Skye McKenna, Emily Baillargeon, Hannah Therrien, Tabatha Edes, Shawnessy Watson, Alicia Rawding, Jenny Freeman, Kris Mason, Caleb Baron, Zachary Bates-Flagg, Briana Ainsley, Chelsie Morris, Brittany Souther, Miranda Arsenault, Trevor Chamberlain.

Also, Erika Newman, Laura Howell, Alyssa McBean, Ashley Vaillancourt, Chantel Scott, Lindsey Dumais, Jami Gregory, Kathrynn Lake, Mary Gosselin, Jayde Purington, Jacob Ouellette, Justin Landry, Christopher Gray, Ian Wilcox, Ryan Jackson, Josua Tainter, Mike Mitchell, Ross Merrill, Steven Souther, Philip Paradis, Allison Dubois, Garrett Castner, Trevor Timberlake, Allison Moreau, Kara Helman, Christina Damren, Brendon Batchelder.

Yearbook: Chelsea Bilodeau, Whitney McDaniel, Crystal Tracy, Hillary Hemminger, Simone Doiron, Alyssa Black, Jazzmin Jewell, Laura Howell, Brittany Souther, Chelsie Morris, Erika Newman, Nicole Adams, Megan Smith.

Student Council: Mike LaFreniere, Jonathan Estes, Esther Bizier, Kevin Bibeau, Mike Mitchell, Erika Newman, Lauren Breton, Megan Smith, Alyssa Black, Brittney Castonguay, Marcy Smalley, Chris Gray, Heather Budzko, Kevin Bibeau, Mike Mitchell, Erika Newman, Lauren Breton, Megan Smith, Allison Moreau, Allison Dubois, Laura Howell, Jacob Ouellette, Caleb Baron, Shawn Whiting, Chantel Scott.

Grade Seven Citizens: Nicole Adams, Heather Budzko, Ross Chicoine, Christopher Gray, Nikita Hilliard, Ryan Hodge, Laura Howell, Danielle Leclerc, Kendra Lyman, Erika Newman, Megan Smith, Brittany Souther, Mitchell Spangler, Joshua Tainter, Brady Therrien, Megan Webber, Karly Wilkins, Kayla Wilson.

Grade Six Awards: Khyle Whittemore, Willie Brown, Mary Gosselin, Lauren Breton, Thomas Ventrella, Garett Castner, Philip Paradis, Ian Wilcox, Zachary Bates-Flagg, Stephen Souther, Cody Charette, Chantel Scott, Kelsea Searles, Ashley Vaillancourt, Jayde Purington.

Also, Emily Baillargeon, Derek Castonguay, Lindsey Dumais, Ray Hedges, Quincey Hutchings, Kathrynn Lake, Danielle Pulsifer, Kevin Bibeau, Allison Dubois, Trevor Timberlake, Lindsey Flagg, Steven Langlin, Katie Skidgell, Leila Hailey, Shawn Whiting, Jenny Freeman, Andre Uter, Mike Hummel.

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