PORTLAND – The Maine Humanities Council, in conjunction with Publius Research of Harpswell, has provided a copy of a new CD-ROM-based encyclopedia of Maine to each of the state’s nearly 300 public libraries.

“Maine: An Encyclopedia” contains a wide range of information about Maine through its 1,500 articles, as well as its its 1,600 maps, photos and charts. The CD-ROM publication provides a global view of the state, allowing users to move easily from article to related article using the 10,000+ internal links that create a web of information.

Dr. Jim Henderson, the encyclopedia’s author/editor, said, “The past three years has been a labor of love and education – an opportunity to learn more about Maine and to photograph many of its historic and scenic areas. And even at that, the project has just scratched the surface.”

“The idea,” he continued, “has been to provide an easy-to-use, entertaining publication written with the popular reader in mind. The hope is that exposure to a broad range of interesting people, places and events will instill an appreciation of what Maine has been and is today, stimulating students and others to find out more though our schools, libraries and the great outdoors.”

“The council is pleased to have supported the technical and editorial improvements that will make this a great resource for people across the state through their public libraries,” said Humanities Council Executive Director Dorothy Schwartz. Funds for the project were provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The encyclopedia is accessible free on the Internet at www.themaineencyclopedia.com.

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