MINOT – The Minot Consolidated School honor roll for the fourth quarter is announced.

Grade four

High honors: Isabel Kannegieser, Jed Quint, Lindsey Cyr.

Honors: Molly Rand, Logan Nichols, Krysta martin, Makayla Dube, Luke Boothby, Kelsey Bailey, Konnor Eastman, Catherine Haley Katie Love, Zachary Poliquin.

Grade five

High honors: Emily Bertrand, Kate Bridgham, Brooke Ayotte, Kaitlyn Paiton, Sam Larrivee, Lucas Salas.

Honors: Nathan Bellaire, Joe Costa, Malorie Johnson, Jonathan Lowell, Ashley Bettney, Odetta Brown, Orianna Brown, Conrad Labbe, Nicholas Labbe, Ross MacKenzie, Michael Minigell, Emma Pelletier, Ashley Small, Britney Therrien.

Grade six

High honors: Billy Clark, Joseph Hunt III, Brooke Locke, Kimberly Wallingford.

Honors: Saydi Brown, Jacob Marchesseault, Sherry Arsenault, Neil Bernier, Josh Cooper, Rita Hemond, Sawyer Cesare, Kyle Eastman, Dalton McLafferty, Scott Moulton, Brittany Nye, Aaron Paiton, Sara Sands, Brittney Wentworth.

Grade seven

High honors: Michelle Chasse, Shane Nichols, Ashley Greene, Savannah Albert, Kelsea Bridgham, Owen Hicks.

Honors: Laura Szczesny, Adam Flowers, Kristy Gray, Brandi Keith, Todd Morin.

Grade eight

High honors: Ken Bundy, Zack Short, Tori Hricko, Stephanie Wallingford, Chelsey Cooper, Paige Piper, Ashley Ross, Christina Tremblay.

Honors: Heather Foss, Brad Cadman, Audrey Baril, Josh Quint, Dartanyan Bourget, Mariah Brown, Alicia Dube.

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