PARIS (AP) – On a joint mission to set a record and also inspire world peace, Sri Lankan Suresh Joachim extended his passion for offbeat challenges by running on a treadmill almost nonstop for a week.

He completed the record bid Saturday at a Paris gym, logging 346.75 miles over 168 hours and outdoing the existing best for the greatest distance covered on a treadmill in one week.

“My legs are in a lot of pain and I’m feeling sleepy,” said Joachim, who already holds five world records. He said he took 20-minute breaks about every eight hours and had his first nap after the second day.

Rules state that any number of breaks can be taken, but the clock never stops, according to the London-based Guinness World Records. The current best was set last year by Australian David Taylor, who covered 282.61 miles in the same time span.

Officials must confirm Joachim’s feat before pronouncing him the new record holder.

During the run, Joachim said gym members offered massages and danced to entertain him, and he collected about 200 signatures for a world peace petition intended for the United Nations.

“Everyone’s thinking about war and occupying countries. There’s a lot of problems,” Joachim said.

Joachim’s other feats include standing on one foot for 76 hours and 40 minutes, and carrying a brick for 78.54 miles.

He also holds the record for running up and down an escalator for a combined total of 139.77 miles.

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