SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Bear Pond Properties LLC and Sunny Days Corp. (by atty) and Bear Pond Properties LLC (by atty) to Sharon G. and Kenneth R. Grabreys, Waterford.

Mark and Tracy Polisky to Keirn D. and Leslie M. Nichols, Oxford.

Thomas J. Noury to Kevin F. and Cynthia L. Fraser and Douglas W. and Kathleen A. Greene, Newry.

Roger L. and Floris A. Robin to Michael L. Robin, Hanover.

Leon G. Kenney and Elizabeth A. Kenny and Elizabeth A. Kenney and Leon Kenney to Elaine M. Ball, Bethel.

Roland and Barbara Warren to Brian G. and Lisa W. Turcotte, Buckfield.

Wayne A. Belleau and Fred Partin to Andrew E. Bloom (tr) and Andrew E. Bloom Revocable Trust, Bethel.

F. Davis Dassori (tr) and William A. Lowell (tr) and Estate of Nathaniel T. Dexter and F. Davis Dassori (pr) and William A. Lowell (pr) to F. Davis Dassori (tr) and William A. Lowell (tr) and Nathaniel T. Dexter Trust of 1987, Township.

F. Davis Dassori (tr) and William A. Lowell (tr) and Nathaniel T. Dexter Trust of 1987 to Mary Ann Streeter, Township.

Barbara S. Vanderzanden to 12th Generation Landtrust LLC, Waterford.

Charlotte R. Kemper to William F. and Diana J. and Seth W. Vallier, West Paris.

John M. and Margaret E. Dolbeare to Donald L. Rose Sr. and Rose M. Rose, Albany Township.

Michael J. Ciano and Scott D. Remsen to Michael J. Ciano and Scott D. Remsen, Newry.

Joseph N. Gallant to Don L. and Gloria L. Pillsbury, Roxbury.

Scott D. Remsen and Michael J. Ciano to Kenneth P. Wisniewski III, Newry.

Jerry E. and Margaret Ensley to Timothy A. Baril, Andover.

Daid C. and Rita A. Goodwin to David C. Goodwin (tr) and Rita A. Goodwin (tr) and Goodwin Irrevocable Trust, Otisfield.

Ernestine F. Riley (tr) and William E. Riley (tr) and Ernestine F. Riley Living Trust to William D. and Theresa M. Joseph, Newry.

Kenneth K. Knightly to Joseph V. and Sarah E. Cummings, Norway.

Stephen H. Brown to Harlan L. Johnson Jr., Waterford.

John A. and Christine J. Jamison to Daniel and Charlotte Louvat, Rumford.

Eunice A. Campbell to Ralph E. Campbell Jr., Canton.

Patricia A. Angevine and Patricia A. Powers to David I. Mason, Albany Township.

Pricilla and Priscilla and Priscilla A. and Priscilla A. Sargent to Dale A. Hodgkins, Roxbury.

Ralph and Elizabeth Papasadora and Ralph and Elizabeth Papsadora to Earland Tidswell Jr. and Elizabeth Tidswell, Rumford.

Joseph N. Bordeau to Joseph N. and Kelly A. Bordeau, Mexico.

Nancy P. and Sharon A. Theriault to Nancy P. and Sharon A. Theriault and Richard Diaz, Woodstock.

Adam F. Towne (tr) and Nathan J. Towne (tr) and Patricia M. Towne Living Trust to Adam F. and Nathan J. Towne, Norway.

Adam F. Towne to Nathan J. Towne, Norway.

Elaine Elliott (pr) and Estate of Henry G. Paradis to Michael T. and Debra L Boyd and Gerald A. Leavitt and Michelle D. Newcomb and Robert E. Boyle, Peru.

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