MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) – One man has been arrested and another has been hospitalized after a nightclub fight in Manchester.

Police say the victim, Vincent Pappalardo, 36, was stabbed in the eye, head, hand and arm. His injuries are not life-threatening, though the man may lose his eye. He’s hospitalized in Boston and his name hasn’t been released.

Police have arrested William Chestnut, 31, on a charge of first-degree assault. The incident happened just after midnight Monday at Cahoot’s Bar and Grille.

Speedway Lawsuit


NASHUA, N.H. (AP) – A Hudson man whose car crashed into another while racing at the Hudson Speedway earlier this year has sued the track and its owner.

Neil Doiron, 24, said that he suffered a shattered pelvis when his car smashed head-on into his competitor’s car during a race on May 23.

Doiron said he also suffered nerve damage and his prospects for recovery remain uncertain. He filed his lawsuit Aug. 25 in Hillsborough County Superior Court against the speedway and its owner, Robert Webber of Epping.

Webber said he hasn’t seen the lawsuit yet.

Doiron was racing at the speedway as an amateur, in a division the track calls “spectator races.” People race in their own, unmodified cars. Each race consists of a single lap around the track, and all races are one-on-one.

At times, the race organizers have racers lap the track in opposing directions, as they did for Doiron’s race against Jay Little on May 23. Webber said accidents are uncommon.

Brothers Killed-Indictments


MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) – A judge has rejected two new murder indictments against a man accused of strangling two elderly brothers in Manchester last year.

Uno Kim was originally indicted on two-first degree murder counts in the deaths of Theodore and Gury Joseph, who were in their late 70s. The brothers were found dead in their home in February 2003.

Kim, 45, was arrested at John F. Kennedy International Airport just as he was about to board a flight for South Korea. Jury selection for his trial starts Sept. 14.

Prosecutors say they filed the new indictments because Kim’s lawyers acknowledged that he had robbed the Joseph brothers. They say if Kim is tried on the new indictments, he would have already admitted to one of the elements the state has to prove.

Judge Carol Ann Conboy wouldn’t permit the new indictments to be consolidated with the old ones.



DOVER, N.H. (AP) – Would you put hot sauce on your kid’s tongue as a disciplinary measure?

No – that’s what the majority of readers said when they responded to a Foster’s Daily Democrat poll online.

The newspaper said 509 people responded to last week’s poll. The question was, “Do you agree with parents who put hot sauce on their kids tongues as discipline?”

Of that number, 315 people, or just under 63 percent, said no, they disagreed. Another 159 people – nearly 32 percent – said yes, they agreed. The remaining 5 percent said they weren’t sure.

One reader who opposed the idea said using hot sauce to discipline a child is nothing more than lazy and cruel parenting. Another said using hot sauce to discipline a child is no better than hitting them.

A supporter of hot-saucing felt that hot sauce is acceptable as long as it is used in small amounts and the child is able to have a long drink afterward.

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