SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Henry W. and Theresa B. Thomas to Rosa and Jayne Simmons, in Mexico.

Riverbend Associates Inc. to Louis M. and Diane L. Grimaldi, in Bethel.

Sandra L. F. Hamilton to Martha J. and Leslie H. Gammon, in Oxford.

John Buehl to Katie L. Brett, in West Paris.

Sandra G. Dunn and Estate of Donna G. Edwards and Estate of Donna G. Gross, to Holly Allen and Wendie Clements and Kyra Heikkenen and Glenn Gross, in Paris.

Susan D. Giancarlo and Estate of Andrew E. Christian to Neal R. Wooley, in Otisfield.

James A. Buck to Patricia T. Jacobs, in Canton.

Arthur T. Cyr to James B. Gallant, in Canton

Mount View LLC to Richard O. and Leslie B. Northcott, in Newry.

Lloyd L. Poland to Bing Du and Helen Ge, in Norway.

Henry A. Pevear Jr. and Charles M. Werner, in Lincoln Plantation.

Triad Enterprises Inc. to Renald E. Pelchat and Margaret L. Martin, in Otisfield.

Gordon L. and Joan C. Morgan to Gordon L. and Joan C. and Martin L. and Pamela L. Morgan, in Greenwood.

Raymond G. Brulotte and Donna M. Heavel to Jan R. Flaska and Jill A. MacKay, in Otisfield.

Irving R. Chamberlain and Irving R. Chamberlain and Phyllis M. Chamberlain to Clayton and Patricia Lee, in Buckfield.

Ronald C. Kendall and Marguerite C. Kendall and Ronald C. Kendall Trust to Patrick T. Matthews, in Newry.

Ronald C. Kendall and Marguerite C. Kendall and Ronald C. Kendall Trust to Craig J. Cabral, in Newry.

Ronald C. Kendall and Marguerite C. Kendall and Ronald C. Kendall Trust to Cheryl A. Bernard, in Newry.

Alton R. and Aletha M. Hodgson to Town of Rumford, in Rumford.

Cissel Enterprises LLC to Town of Rumford, in Rumford.

Carrilee M. McPherson and Carrilee M. Pitcher to Edward A. and Carrilee M. McPherson, in Newry and Hanover.

Donald R. and Nancy L. Wardwell to Isabel A. Ferguson, in Andover.

Jeremy Lucas to Eugene L. Lucas Jr., in Sumner.

Larry S. and Judith Toothaker and Peggy A. Kennison and Richard A. and Rebecca M. Toothaker to Richard A. and Rebecca M. Toothaker, in Oxford.

Timothy S. Durgin to Timothy S. Durgin and Jennifer I. Ackerman, in Norway.

Daniel Groleau to Daniel and Shera A. and Shana L. Groleau, in Canton.

Beverly B. Brown to Charles J. W. Truscott IV, in Woodstock.

Joal A. Polvinen to Joal A. Polvinen and Joshua R. Pratt, in Hebron.

Robert N. and Beverly J. Child to Town of Dixfield, in Dixfield.

Gary S. and Rose M. Robbins To Elaine F. Armagost, in West Paris.

Timothy H. Wallace to Timothy H. and Susan J. Wallace, in Sumner.

James A. Barnett to Crystal S. McKenna, in Rumford.

Clarence R. Reid to Evelyn Whitman, in West Paris.

River View Timeshare Trust to Glen D. and Sandra L. Bingelis, in Bethel.

Edwin J. S. Newell to Craig M. and Susan R. Gammon, in Canton.

Julien G. Lefebvre to Alan R. and Cynthia A. Archibald, in Mexico.

Hope Auxiliary Inc. to Oxford County ARC, in Rumford.

Dorothy Waite to Darrell and Diane and Jessica Waite, in Canton.

Dorothy Waite to Jeffrey and Natalie Waite, in Canton.

Georgianna Arsenault and Georgianna M. Silloway and Georgianna M. Arsenault and Theresa Anne Bush to Donald P. and Stephanie W. Catenaro, in Roxbury.

Timothy M. Don to Timothy M. Don and Tracy E. MacDonald, in Rumford.

Suzanne H. and Deborah D. and Terry Laura Koliche and Terry Laura Koliche and Estate of Anthony Koliche and Katherine K. Koliche and Amtul Hannan to James K. and Karen K. Gallant, in Mexico.

Jill A. Allard and Shawn P. Kenney to Wayne and Edwina Dyer, in Norway.

Marie P. Walsh and Marie P. Walsh and Mid Hill Trust to Kelby Day, in Otisfield.

Donald A. Girtain and Estate of Sharon A. Girtain to Diana J. Pepin, in Oxford.

Donald A. Girtain to Diana J. Pepin, in Oxford.

Erica H. Jed to Robert V. Mormile and Pamela A. Morra, in Norway.

Mary E. McGann and Estate of Timothy J. Wiles to Mary E. McGann, in Waterford.

Ellen T. Myers to Ellen T. Myers and Paul E. Laird II, in Waterford.

Ellsworth C. Hathaway and Joyce C. Hathaway to Julie A. Davis, in Woodstock.

Bryce Butterfield and Robert J. Seeley to D and M Properties LLC, in Mexico.

Hardscrabble Associates LLC to Bergeron Properties LLC, in Paris.

Christine P. Longley to Stephen G. Cairns and Nancy E. Watson, in Norway.

Estate of Oran D. Young Sr. and Richard I. Young to Richard I. Young, in Oxford.

Diane C. Mowatt and Donna P. Niemi and Donna Cote to James D. Niemi, in Waterford.

Matthew E. Frank to Chadbourne Tree Farms, in Waterford.

Bayrool LLC and Wagner Forest Management Ltd. to Maine Mountain Properties LLC, in Newry.

Bonnie J. Lariviere and Bonnie J. McAlister to Bonnie J. McAlister, in Paris.

Bonnie J. and William L. McAlister and William L. McAlister Jr. to Bedford Home Loans Inc., in Paris.

Bayroot LLC and Wagner Forest Management Ltd. to Savage Land Development LLC, in Bethel.

Bayroot LLC and Wagner Forest Management Ltd. to Chadbourne Tree Farms, in Bethel and Newry.

Bayroot LLC and Wagner Forest Management Ltd. to Jeff Dairs, in Rumford.

Nicola J. Weatherbee to Leonard S. Capen, in Sumner.

Samuel D. Sessions Inc. to William E. and Mary Ann Dunham, in Norway.

Anthony P. and Pauline R. Norton to Anthony P. Norton and Donald A. Hodgkin Sr., in West Paris and Paris.

Charlene R. and Pierre A. Desautels to Decham LLC, in Bethel and Milton Plantation.

Arthur E. and Kelly Duchemin to Thomas M. White, in Sumner.

James J. and Judy E. Cieslak to Richard M. and Marcy Clark, in Buckfield.

Stephen J. and Eileen W. Boyle to Donald E. Oakes, in Bethel.

S R Golf Holdings LLC to Kris and Gretchen Anderson, in Newry.

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