SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in Oxford County.

Richard and Jean Duguay to John A. and Carrie A. Arsenault, in Mexico.

Sharon A. Theriault to John A. and Carrie A. Arsenault, in Mexico.

Joseph and Carolyn Moody to Frederick Greenier, in Byron.

Frederick Greenier to Randal and Amy Gillette, in Byron.

Jerome C. and Rebecca A. Cleveland to Dennis W. and Ellen P. Chasse, in Oxford.

Edward R. and Margaret A. and Leon R. and Freda B. Truman to Ernest M. Fitts, in Norway.

Albert H. and Kathleen B. Taylor to Jeffrey A. Taylor, in Gilead.

Robert L. Hutchins to Bruce L. Hutchins, in Rumford.

Norman H. Oliver Jr. and Norman H. Oliver to Gregory F. Daigle, in Rumford.

John W. and Brenda J. Skillin to Robert B. Acheson, in Dixfield.

Lawrence and Lawrence R. Burnham to De Van Lee, in Buckfield.

George H. Bourassa and Estate of Margret Bourassa to Dean A. Benson, in Dixfield.

Chrys and Alexia and John N. Pappas and Andrea Pellechia to Dale and Andrea Hamson, in Newry.

Sylvio W. Martin and Frank C. Walker to Sylvia W. Martin and Frank C. Walker, in Paris.

Robert L. Hutchins to Bruce L. Hutchins, in Rumford.

Mary E. Smith to Donald R. Smith, in Andover.

Bert E. Hawkins II and Mary Ann Hawkins to Paul N. and Evelyn M. St. Laurent, in Hartford.

Lisa M. Sawyer to John and Bethany Masse, in Dixfield.

Agatha R. Kimball to Todd W. and Hannah K. Malley, in Bethel.

Jamie L. Richard to Michael R. and Gloria S. Richard, in Rumford.

Michael R. and Gloria S. Richard to Jamie L. Richard, in Mexico.

Alan R. and Kathleen A. Thrall to Alan R. and Kathleen A Thrall, in Bethel.

Brian W. and Marina E. and Hada M. Sessions to Eric and Kathy Hallee, in Norway.

Savage Land Development LLC to Jeffrey and Sharon M. Stearns, in Bethel.

Thomas A. and Charlene M. Welch to Veronica McGrail and Stephen A. Blume and McGrail Blume Family Trust, in Newry.

John C. and Gail M. Meyer to Debra Rietmann, in Newry.

Dufault Lumber Company to Douglas Turmenne, in Woodstock.

Riverbend Associates Inc. to Nelson G. and Karen K. Wong, in Bethel.

Sean M. and Deborah E. Hannon to Brian R. and Heather J. Delbert, in Newry.

Mountain View Real Estate Development LLC to Jacques N. Morin, in Newry.

Joseph H. and Mary C. Lamb to Wight Enterprises LLC, in Woodstock.

Kevin Lee Scott and Susan Michele Merrow to Pinto Property Management LLC, in Andover.

Harold C. and Grayce M. Geyer and Frank I and Karen G. Monroe to Steven A. Sargent Sr. and Carrie Sargent in Oxford.

Edward C. and Dianne Devault to Arthur S. and Leeanna R. Lavoie, in Canton.

Doromar Inc. to Glenwood Libby and Karen L. Colello, in Norway.

Glenwood Libby and Karen L. Colello to R and B Property Management LLC, in Norway.

Eugene H. Glad to Eugene H. and Katherine E. Glad, in Sumner.

Gary H. Williamson II and Julia A. Williamson to Lori B. Winslow, in Woodstock.

Clayton L. Thurlow to Joshua L. and Nicholas Thurlow, in Norway.

Glenn E. and Carol Phinney to Jas Holt, in Sumner.

Ronald C. Kendall and Marguerite C. Kendall and Ronald C. Kendall Trust to Cheryl A. Bernard and Craig J. Cabral and Patrick T. Matthews, in Newry.

Erlon C. Hadley Sr. and Maude Alice Hadley to Jeffrey and Maria Paul, in West Paris.

Vito L. Coulombe Sr. to Sheila J. Delamater and Robert J. and Chester and Gerard Coulombe and Vito L. Coulombe Jr. and Michael Coulombe, in Rumford.

Timothy M. McGuire and M. Beth Myers to John L. and J. Susan O. Wight, in Bethel.

Pamela K. Paradis and Estate of William Kuvaja to Pamela K. and Glenn Paradis, in Norway.

Mark J. Laverdiere and Deborah Price to Mark J. Laverdiere, in Paris.

David M. Haynes to David Goldthwaite Jr., in Dixfield.

Gary G. Noyes to Alfred D. and Gale M. Harvey, in Dixfield.

Marlan R. and Debra G. Dupont to Harold F. and Ellen L. Cleaves, in Andover.

Donald B. and Pamela L. Smith to Chrisel S. Costello, in Byron.

Helen Dolloff and Estate of Alton L. Dolloff to Helen Dolloff, in Rumford.

Joyce E. Rich to Justin M. Hamilton, in Norway.

Michael V. Smith to Richard A. and Marcia L. Siltz, in West Paris.

Raymond S. Glover to Raymond S. and Darlene H. Glover, in Paris.

Paul A. Brimigion to Joyce F. Brimigion, in Buckfield.

Katherine Ann Hoff and Arthur D. Heath Jr. and Heath Revocable Trust to Katherine Ann Hoffman and Arthur D. Heath Jr., in Norway.

William P. and Bridie E. Kearney to Steven C. Allen, in Paris.

Allison Lloyd McDonough and Cameron Geoffrey McDonough to Richard T. and Bethany J. W. Allen, in Greenwood.

Stuart E. Jones Jr. and Victoria M. Devlin to George and Frances P. Philip, in Newry.

John Arena Jr. and Mary E. Snyder Arena to John Arena Jr. and Mary E. Snyder Arena and Arena Revocable Trust, in Bethel.

Chris and Julie Leblanc and Beneficial Maine Inc. to Beneficial Maine Inc., in Mexico.

Dianne Ward and Dianne L. Leighton to Dianne and Wyatt Ward, in Albany Township.

Claire A. Milligan to Claire A. and Phyllis L. Milligan, in Rumford.

Cheryl A. Nokes to Cheryl A. Nokes and Stephen J. Nokes, in Peru.

Cheryl A. and Stephen J. Nokes to David K. and Gary W. and Steven L. Smith, in Peru.

John H. Conrad to Joshua D. Wyman and Holli A. Nadeau, in Oxford.

Dawn M. Pettengill and Estate of Sarah F. Pepper to William F. Devries, in Dixfield.

Terri Shanholtz and Denise A. Palmer and Tracy K. Wilson and Dawn M. Pettengill to William F. Devries, in Dixfield.

George M. Thomas and George M. Thomas III and Christopher and Jonathan Thomas to William F. Devries, in Dixfield.

Louis R. Col Jr. to Philip H. and Mary Elizabeth Fantoni, in West Paris.

Michael Finneran to Joseph Edgar Aman Jr., in Hartford.

David D. and Patti L. Toothaker to Arnold and Sandra Pendexter, in Norway.

Steven E. and M. Bruce and Diane L. K. MacEwan to M. Bruce and Diane L. K. MacEwan, in Sumner.

Ladd Farms Inc. to Jay Y. and David B. and Darrell E. and Wade S. McCrum and Robert W. Lunney, in Rumford, Bethel, Hanover and Gilead.

Arthur J. and Arthur Ladd to Jay Y. and David B. and Darrell E. and Wade S. McCrum and Robert W. Lunney, in Bethel.

Arthur J. and Joyce C. Ladd to Jay Y. and David B. and Darrell E. and Wade S. McCrum and Robert W. Lunney, in Rumford.

Arthur J. and Joyce C. and Arthur Ladd to Wade S. McCrum and Robert W. Lunney and Jay Y. and David B. and Darrell E. McCrum, in Bethel.

Rosanne Carruthers to Virginia Mason, in Woodstock.

James M. Doyen to Joseph C. and April Marie Arsenault, in Dixfield .

Martha Matloff to Martha B. Matloff and Matloff Family 1999 Trust, in Oxford.

River View Timeshare Trust to Roy R. and Jose A. Robinson, Peter F. and Suzanne F. Batstone, Peter Irving Bailey and Leigh Ann Bailey, in Bethel.

Jimmy and Beth Thorne to Todd and Stacy B. Truman, in Paris.

Bank of New York and EQCC Trust 2001 IF to Daniel C. Kiley, in Rumford.

Ty Han Partners to Community Concepts Inc., in Buckfield.

Brian J. and Toni M. Starbird to Mark A. Starbird, in Waterford.

Mark A. Starbird to Brian J. and Toni M. Starbird, in Waterford.

Pine Tree Paving Inc. to Carol A. Brown, in Paris.

Lloyd L. Poland to Jeanne M. and Tanya Carrier, in Rumford.

Ronald W. Doody and Mont and Doody Partnership to Franklin C. Mont Jr., in Township.

John Ward to Lisa R. Ward, in (not listed).

Ernest Jerrett Jr. and Lisa R. Ward and Paul J. Eby to Jeremy J. and Rebecca L. Morin, in Newry.

Richard F. and Barbara A. Diplacido to Christopher E. Martin and Debra A. Spangler Martin, in Bethel.

Charlotte P. Marshall and Charlotte P. Freed to Charlotte P. and Christopher C. Marshall, in Greenwood.

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