Carrying a smooth seashell

An emblem of serenity.

I watched the water

Engulf my feet

As my toes sunk into the sand;

A smooth surface

They danced upon.

I observed the seaglass,



and shells

Washed up after a long journey

In the beautiful blue monster before me,

I chose my treasures carefully

from this mess.

I carried on without regrets

Once in a while a quick sharp pain

Would bind my foot

To the tip of a sharp shell

Yet still I carried on

without regrets,

I was alone, but far from lonely.

I wasn’t thrilled,

Instead full of the purest happiness.

I watched the waves envelope

over each other

And blend into an ocean.

And that was when I knew I would be alright.

By Jen Duguay

Tripp Middle School

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