Realty transfers

Oxford County

SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County.

Erwin A. and Hazel L. Sweatt to Erwin A. and Hazel L. Sweat and Debra J. Johnson, in Paris.

Fred I. Howard Jr. and Ralph Howard and Estate of John T. Howard, in Rumford and Roxbury.

Clydis Henderson to Wendell Henderson, in Dixfield.

Jean L. Morgan Hunt to Matthew Cornell, in Paris.

Victor Michael Markey to Markey Real Estate LLC, in Canton.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Kris and Gretchen Anderson, in Newry.

Robert M. Stalford to Mt. Will Associates, in Bethel.

Lawrence and Margery W. Eliscu to Seth and Courtney E. Aranovitch, in Oxford.

Timothy P. and Lauren T. Milligan to Robert C. and Nancy E. McGann, in Greenwood.

Ivalea Pulkkinen to Forrest S. Record and Kristin L. Hutchinson, in West Paris.

Ruth H. Mills and Ruth H. Mills Trust to Kimberly A. Miller and Richard L. Smith, in Bethel.

Paris Farmers Union to Allens Dairy Farm Inc., in Hebron.

Allens Dairy Farm Inc. to Christopher M. and Maria L. McDonald, in Hebron.

Ruth Hazelton to Michele M. McDonnell, in West Paris.

Daniel J. Connell to Cynthia M. Madore, in Paris.

Pamela Ann and Amanda Patten to Maurice and Pamela Ignasiak, in Norway.

Ernest H. Theresa Robbins to Scott and Jessica Robbins, in Dixfield.

Joyce Keyo and Estate of William E. Upton Jr. to Mark J. Pache, in Rumford.

Emmanuel Ministries to Jane Wardwell, in Dixfield.

Mark McAlister to Community Concepts Incorporated, in Hartford.

Doris P. Gaudin to Janice McKenna and Patrick Gaudin, in Mexico.

Ann M. Blais to Matthew J. Kelley, in Paris.

Don Bigwood to Daniel Kiley (two), in Rumford.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Kevin B. Dean and Gary Goldberg, in Newry.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Kevin B. and Cecile Dean, in Newry.

Ralph Whitney Parsons and Anna Marie Parsons to Ralph Whitney Parsons and Susan Clare Parsons and Parsons Revocable Living Trust, in Rumford.

Congregational Church of Dixfield to Cara Leigh Brooks, in Dixfield.

Savage Land Development LLC to Robert E. and Sarah M. and Robert C. Casavant, in Bethel.

Savage Land Development LLC to Andre and Stella Khoury, in Greenwood.

Maine Escape Properties and Homes LLC to Andre and Stella Khoury, in Greenwood.

Violet D. Sheppard to James R. and Janne P. Provencher, in Lincoln Plantation.

Robert and Matthew R. Lovett to Kathleen P. O’Brien, in Newry.

Nicholas S. and Dorothy G. Battelle to 1318 Commonwealth Avenue LLC, in Newry.

Mary Ann Burger to Rodney C. and Heidemarie L. Bryant, in Hebron.

Benjamin William and Katherine Young to Glen W. and Jacqueline M. Young in Paris.

Glen W. and Jacqueline M. Young to timothy J. and Pamela Knowles, in Paris.

Cleveland M. Stetson and Trust of Cleveland M. Stetson to John Daniel and Bonnie J. Stetson, in Oxford.

John Daniel Stetson to John Daniel and Lori Sue Stetson, in Oxford.

William F. Porter and Pamela M. Porter to Richard D. McInnis, in Rumford.

Maine State Housing Authority and Girard R. Bourque Jr. and Kristie J. Bourque to United States of America VA, in Rumford.

Douglas C. Schneider and Dawn L. Allen to DTD Performance LLC, in Rumford.

Lewis A. and Estelle L. Dow to Marilee Cooper and James A. Davis, in Oxford.

Rodney E. Farrar Jr. to Kent B. and Cynthia C. Poole, in Byron.

Joal A. Polvinen to Joal A. Polvinen and Joshua Pratt, in Hebron.

H. Merrill and Harry Merrill Luthe to Richard M. and Susan N. Luthe, in Greenwood.

Adam M. Lombard to Russell and Kimberly Mitton, in Oxford.

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