NEW YORK – John Edwards doesn’t wear cologne but does enjoy the “Biggie” fries at Wendy’s.

Whether such revelations will woo women voters remains to be seen. But the vice presidential candidate grinned and gabbed on daytime television Thursday, showing a silly side while trying to slip in a few campaign promises.

During appearances on “Live With Regis and Kelly” and “The View,” the Democratic senator chatted about campaigning with his kids, courting his wife and debating his opponent.

And when Kelly Ripa suggested that Tom Cruise could play Edwards in a film, he flashed a winsome smile while a split screen displayed his mug, and the movie star’s.

He added that if he’s a Tom Cruise character, then Vice President Dick Cheney resembles Jack Nicholson in the movie “A Few Good Men.” In fact, Edwards continued, he has a message from the movie for Mr. Cheney: “You can’t handle the truth.”

On “The View,” Barbara Walters scolded the senator when he tried to segue into bits of his stump speech. The female co-hosts seemed more intrigued with details of his domestic life.

Elizabeth Edwards, who joined her husband for the second interview, offered that their first date ended with a kiss on the forehead. The chaste move charmed her and improved upon an otherwise mediocre evening, she said.

Edwards talked about his children, delivering the same anecdote at both stops. Each time, he said that even 4-year-old son Jack appreciated the importance of Tuesday’s vice presidential debate.

And, Edwards said, when his family joined him onstage after the tense encounter, Jack demanded to know: “Which one’s Cheney?”

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