“I am glad that The Sun called attention to the fact that the ticket office at the Upper Maine Central has not been opened until just a few minutes before a train comes in on many occasions,” said a Lewiston traveling man yesterday.

Many Lewiston and Auburn hunters are looking forward to when snow will come.

Rabbit hunting is popular with a large number and they like nothing better than to go out with their rifles when there is but a few inches of snow on the ground.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Potato blight has cut into the crop of several farmers in the Twin City area and a shortage of hay is forcing many dairy farmers to either reduce the size of their herds or sell out entirely. Some farmers were in a “desperate situation” as far as harvesting silage corn goes, says Charles L. Eastman, Androscoggin County agricultural agent.

The fields were muddy and in some cases farmers hitched several pieces of equipment together in their efforts to get at the corn.

25 Years Ago, 1979

Repairs have begun on the old Sleeper Dam at the foot of Sabattus Lake. After two weeks spend clearing a road and hauling fill, members of the Callahan Brothers crew erected a coffer dam and began dismantling the ancient wooden dam gates and jackhammering ledge in preparation for Friday’s blasting.

When the two-month long project is completed, a 75 percent draining of algae-infested Sabattus Lake will be possible, reports town selectman Gerard Roy.

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