CLEVELAND (AP) – The pilot of Democratic Sen. John Edwards’ plane aborted takeoff while on the runway Friday because a light on the aircraft indicated a failed generator. No one was injured.

Mark Kornblau, press secretary for the vice presidential candidate, said the jet was taxiing down the runway at Burke Lakefront Airport around 5 p.m. when the pilot noticed a problem with one of three generators.

“One of them indicated failure, so he aborted takeoff,” Kornblau said. “Everybody’s fine.”

There were about 50 people on board including Edwards, Secret Service, flight crew, reporters and campaign staff.

The red, white and blue Boeing 727 is labeled “Kerry-Edwards” and “A Stronger America.”

The plane was still sitting on the runway in front of the terminal more than 45 minutes later. Edwards was still aboard.

The vice presidential candidate was departing after a town-hall meeting and rally in suburban Cleveland and heading to Washington, with plans to appear at a campaign stop in Maryland.

At a rally in Mentor, Ohio, Edwards criticized the Bush administration’s education plan as underfunded, promised more money for public schools.

Edwards said Bush broke promises by not fully funding the No Child Left Behind act and cited teacher layoffs in Cleveland and school tax increases in Mentor as the consequences.

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