I have had an opportunity to discuss some of Lewiston’s most important issues with Rep. Elaine Makas. She impresses me as a person who cares about Lewiston and the people she represents.

We have spoken at length about her efforts to keep paper mills from continuing to pollute the Androscoggin River. As a lifelong resident of Lewiston, I remember driving over the Lewiston-Auburn bridges only to have the odor make the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

Rep. Makas is committed to not only preventing the river from returning to this horrific state, she strives to improve it for future generations. Wouldn’t it be a great thing for Lewiston-Auburn if the Androscoggin River could once again be used for fishing and other sports activities?

Rep. Makas is a strong voice for Lewiston and her constituents in Augusta.

Robert Rodrigue, Lewiston