• L. L. Bean and party returned Wednesday night from a very pleasant hunting trip in the wilds of Maine.

• Nearly all the farmers have finished picking their apples. Apple barrels are selling at forty cents a piece, while the highest quotations for apples is $1.50 per barrel.

• For the present, the work on the permanent piece of road on Center street, Auburn, is over.

• The woodwork of the Main street canal bridge in Lewiston has recently been painted.

50 Years Ago, 1954

New York – The American Cancer Society told today of plans for mass chest X-rays across the country, and gravely advised all men over 45 to have one twice a year. Dr. Charles S. Cameron, the society’s medical and scientific director, said meanwhile that the occurrence of lung cancer among smokers has reached an alarming rate – and is increasing rapidly. Mefford R. Runyon, executive vice president said the cancer rate for women is declining, largely because of greater public and professional knowledge, but that for men it is still going up.

25 Years Ago, 1979

A major 16-inch water main broke on Lisbon Street leaving all residents and businesses on Lisbon Street and side streets between Scribner Boulevard and Pleasant Street without water for 12 hours.

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