She wasn’t on anyone’s radar screen.

Lisa Keiffer got the boot, seemingly for a fairly innocuous quip about tagging along to see where some fruit was “just in case” food gatherer Amy happened not to be available.

It’s got to make you wonder one thing: Just what’s Mark Burnett editing out of “Survivor: Vanuatu”?

In any event, the vote had Rory roaring, “I have broken that alliance of women!”

Oh, yeah, votes. Not one of our readers – again – picked Lisa for Thursday’s exit. What’s with that?

Now, as for Lewiston-born Julie, well, she certainly caught the eye of the Lopevi men as she sunbathed sans suit. But while Sarge gratefully noticed, he promptly said he’d find Twila would make a swell long-term friend.

And based on next week’s trailer, Julie and pal Twila seem to be scheming something.

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