AUBURN – The Androscoggin County Commission approved hiring three new corrections officers Friday.

Two of the hirees will fill in for employees serving in the military for extended periods of time. They are subject to possible layoff when the employees return from active duty.

The third will replace an officer who was terminated for unspecified reasons. The commission authorized that firing at the same meeting.

Chief Deputy Guy Desjardins said the newly hired officers could move up in seniority before the people on active duty return if there are more positions filled.

The County Commission authorized a bidding process Friday to purchase or lease a copier, scanner, printer for the Registry of Deeds.

The commission discussed the possibility of several counties purchasing identical units at reduced prices.

Sheriff Ron Gagnon told the commission Friday that the Androscoggin County Jail has generated $144,395 in revenue the first nine-and-a-half months of 2004 by boarding inmates from other counties.

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