. . . I would vote for Pres. George W. Bush, because he has led us through 9/11 and the war. I wouldn’t want Kerry elected because of his policies. He says he would lower taxes, but with all the things he wants to change, he would have to raise taxes. I do not think Kerry could finish the war in Iraq since he thinks it is a mistake. He also doesn’t know what his policy is because he is always changing his views.

Bush knows where he stands, and will lead us out of this war.

Seth Tillson

. . . I’m not sure how I would vote because I don’t particularly like either of the candidates, but I’m definitely leaning towards John Kerry I don’t agree with all of his policies. I think he will be a stronger president because he sounds more confident.

Elizabeth Lobozzo

. . . I think Bush should win because he doesn’t make promises he can’t accomplish.

Nathan Poulin

. . . I would vote for President Bush because I think he did a good job getting us through the war without the U. S. getting hit again. I don’t think Kerry will be good because he grew up in a rich family and has a rich wife.

E J Zembas

. . . I would vote for President George W. Bush because he led us to war knowing we can’t just sit back and let the terrorists bomb us like they did on 9/11 – we had to fight back. John Kerry wants higher taxes and I don’t agree with that. In my opinion, he won’t be good for America.

Morgan McAtee