Pilots, airline passengers, and just about anyone interested in aviation, here is your chance to learn about this fascinating, widespread, and modernly important form of transportation and entertainment. Aviation Investigation will document information on everything from wings to engines to indicators and more. Some topics to be covered are listed below:

• Fixed winged aircraft anatomy

• Theories of lift and other basic aerodynamics

• Engines (piston and turbine)

• Traffic patterns

• Rotary winged aircraft anatomy

• Rotary winged aircraft aerodynamics

• Flight instruments

• Communication

• Personal experiences

• Careers

Anyone who knows me well would probably agree that I have a keen interest or even obsession of everything to do with aircraft. As a student pilot, I try to gain knowledge about whatever drifts through my mind on this subject. I have always been somewhat interested in aeronautics, but my interest was augmented when I started learning to fly last year.

I hope this column will help you develop an interest in aviation and that you will enjoy the information presented.

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